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'AM911' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 18 DEC by Lofeiy
Available from - Northland Rosarium
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Initial post 4 DEC by jeffbee
Princesse Charlène de Monaco has large flower, the petal count is less than the Austins, but the inner petals are very large(unlike most Austins with lots of tiny inner petals), enough to stuff the whole bloom.
The scent is strong with mostly citrus with some lychee and some myrrh.
not clear with the growth habit yet.
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Reply #1 of 9 posted 22 DEC 17 by Elizabethspetals
I’m in So CA, just north of San Diego. My Princess Charlene de Monaco does just fine here as long as I give it plenty of water. The blooms do fade in the sun, but I cut mine for indoors most often, so that’s not an issue for me. I’ll warn you though, this rose shot up to 12 feet tall in 10 months. I bent most of her canes and attached them to trellises on either sides of the bush. This produced nice long, straight, laterals, each with a perfect bloom at the end. This rose is an arrangers dream! Nice long, straight, strong stems and beautiful blooms that last. The scent is unique and one of my favorites. I like it so much, I’m considering purchasing a second one!
Reply #2 of 9 posted 25 DEC 17 by mamabotanica
That is incredibly helpful to know! Good thing I now won't plant it in a spot for a 3.5 ft tall rose. Wonder if it would do ok twining around an obelisk?
Reply #3 of 9 posted 31 JAN 18 by Elizabethspetals
Maybe, if you start early enough.
Reply #4 of 9 posted 10 MAR 18 by Lavenderlace
Lisa, have you heard of this extreme height anywhere else or is she just particularly happy with your soil and conditions? I have some coming and can't figure out where to put them! Better for full sun or can she take some shade? Is she picky about the soil? Thanks!
Reply #5 of 9 posted 10 MAR 18 by Elizabethspetals
Hi lav! I’ve heard reports of over 7F tall in zone 7. Others have just said “mine is super tall, too!” If you don’t get any winter dieback, then I would think she’d get tall. She’s pretty narrow, though. My soil is alkaline clay, but my PCDM’s are grafted on Dr. Huey. I’d like to try one ownroot, and see if that might shorten her a bit. I do love her! You can’t find a better rose for cutting, IMO. Lisa
Reply #6 of 9 posted 10 MAR 18 by Elizabethspetals
Oh, and mine are in full sun, so I’m not sure about shade tolerance.
Reply #7 of 9 posted 11 MAR 18 by Lavenderlace
Thanks so much Lisa! It is your gorgeous bouquets that inspired me to get them!
Reply #8 of 9 posted 2 JUL by Lavenderlace
Update: After growing four own-roots, I would agree completely with elizabethpetals! Very vigorous rose blooming here in 108 heat index. The only complaint would also be the fading but will cut early and put in the vase, where they are very long-lasting. Thanks Lisa!
Reply #9 of 9 posted 3 JUL by Elizabethspetals
You’re welcome, Lav! I’m so glad you’re happy with them. They do fade in the sun, but I usually snap them up so quickly for indoors that I’ve nearly forgotten about that flaw. PCDM really is a wonderful cutting rose, isn’t she? With that fragrance, she’s near perfect, IMO, for bouquets.
Reply #10 of 9 posted 3 JUL by Lavenderlace
I'm going to do the same thing so I'm thrilled! Mine are still in the pot though because I haven't determined where to plant in case they want to be huge here also. But they are certainly vigorous!
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most recent 10 MAR 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 10 MAR 18 by Lavenderlace
Can Charlene take shade? Thanks!
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