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Mander, George
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Initial post 3 JUN 04 by Pauline Rieger

I have been watching the Canadian Gardener Show with David Tarrant. This particular show is based out of the West Coast and I reside in Ontario. He had referred to a rose called New Zealand and I unfortunately, have not been able to find any information pertaining to this particular rose. Can you help.

Many Thanks

Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 JUN 04 by George Mander
Hello Pauline,

Just search right here on HelpMeFind for "New Zealand" .

I just tried it and you can find information and 10 photos there too.
If you want to buy this rose you can also find this on HMF.

Good luck
George Mander
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Initial post 30 MAY 04 by Jack Greer
For the last couple years the first flush of bloom results in a large number of blind shoots,
with whirl of leaves instead of 3 and five leaflets on stem.
Also notice some buds abort,turn lite green or yellow ,at size of a pea,any ideas, lack of
certain minerals in the soil? Thanks George
Reply #1 of 1 posted 1 JUN 04 by George Mander
Hello Jack,
As I had you in my E-mail book I answered you directly, but I will also write my reply here for the benefit of others who might be interested>

I myself had many blind shootes this spring, but mainly on big roses. The experts say that is is the "Rose Midge" a tiny caterpillar. Will search on Google now and try to find some literature for you.

Yes I was right and I found it on Google (THE BEST). Google Link on my links page.
Here my search results :

Check out the third one down :
rose midge bud damage closeup
Those images are exactly as some of my roses looked.

Best regards,
George Mander
Reply #2 of 1 posted 13 JUL 06
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