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George Mander
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Initial post 2 JUN 08 by Unregistered Guest
Lovely color. I have purchased a "Harry Wheatcroft" in Vic. Australia. It seems to look more like this beauty. Not one stripe to be found on first years blooms! Is this a sport of "Harry Wheatcroft" on your site? Of course I am aware that my rose could more likely be mistagged but I was just wondering. If you could enlighten me on all "Picadilly" sports?
Reply #1 of 4 posted 2 JUN 08 by Mander, George
Hello anonymous.
You wrote : "I have purchased a "Harry Wheatcroft" .... It seems to look more like this beauty.
Your's must be mislabeled ! I will enlighten you about all "Picadilly" sports at a later time, as I am just too busy to look them up.
George Mander
Reply #2 of 4 posted 3 JUN 08 by Unregistered Guest
Awaiting your response. Sorry, my name is Jennifer Collings was a North Delta girl but got lost in Australia! I am glad you say misslabled most likely How do I send you a photo of my rose?
Reply #3 of 4 posted 3 JUN 08 by HMF Admin
You could upload your photo directly to your HelpMeFind post if you were a registered site guest. Registration is free and is required because we can't allow anonymous guests to upload photos as on occasion some individuals find it amusing to upload inappropriate material like pornography or spam.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 5 JUN 08 by Mander, George
Hello Jenniver,
You can also e-mail me a photo of the rose in question.
Just go to my post at HMF (right here) and you will find a link to my e-mail.

George Mander
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Initial post 5 FEB 08 by Cass
Beautiful rose, George, and spectacular photo.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 FEB 08 by George Mander
Thank you Cass for your compliment !
This photo is courtesy of my son Michael who is also the webmaster for my site.
I forgot to give credit to him and I will do this right now.
It was just last night when I added the photo to HMF.
George Mander
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Initial post 31 JAN 08 by George Mander
Hi Calif Sue,
Thank you for your compliments.
This rose is not yet available in the US. I am trying to get it to Ashdown Roses in S. Carolina this spring so they can propagate it. They now have the other sport 'George's Pride' and the 'Dr. Michael Noble' mini.
Select Roses in Langley B.C., 30 miles east of Vancouver, may have the first plants available this summer.

I have a few new smaller own root plants at home and may be able to have two for you if I am at home when you visit the Sunshine Coast. I may not be home for some time in the summer. (commitment to my wife Ingrid I made almost 7 years ago who is very ill)
Regards George Mander

PLease send me an e-mail at
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Initial post 22 DEC 07 by David Elliott
Hi George
I have put an Ezine for HMF together on Canadian Hybrids. Can we use this photo and the one of Canadian White Star (photo 18045) as part og the article withing HMF.
David Elliott
Reply #1 of 2 posted 22 DEC 07 by George Mander
Yes, go ahead David.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 22 DEC 07 by HMF Admin
Thanks George !
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