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George Mander
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Initial post 7 APR 05 by
HelpMeFind thanks George for his article and invites you to post your comments or questions here too. We hope to be adding more of George's articles to HMF soon and we eagerly look forward to new material.
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I have edited your email to remove your email address from the text for two reasons.

1. Placing your email address inside the text in an invitation to spammers to add it to there spam lists and sell it. Besides, there is no need to include your email address as HMF will notify you with an email whenever someone posts a question or comment about your article. This way you can use HMF to keep in contact with people and not have to make your email address public. And, we do NOT share your personal information with anyone.

2. We would much prefer questions and comments are posted here so they can be viewed by everyone and we can all learn from them. That's the primary purpose of this Ezine article "questions and comments" enhancement. We're hoping the articles stimulate discussions which enhance their content with comments providing additional insight or questions prompting further analysis. We greatly want HMF to be more interactive.
Reply #4 of 3 posted 29 SEP 07 by Unregistered Guest
Just read your interesting article about rooting. This is my very first time on this site and would like to thank everyone for a great site.
George I am or have never tried to root a rose, I have this beautiful bush that just does wonderful every year, but I would like to have more of this bush in other parts of my yard. If I do a cutting as you have explained in your article can I hope to get a rooted bush? I have no green thumb and did not even know how to get a rose to root. So any help I can get from you or any of your other rose friends would be great. By the way I reside in mid west Ohio so thank you for any help you can provide.
Reply #5 of 3 posted 30 SEP 07 by George Mander
Hello Becky,
Trying to root cuttings of this bush outside in Ohio, is the wrong time of the year.

You would have to try rooting it inside under lights, just as you see in my set-up.
Also, you will have to try young shoots as I explain in photos # 1 and 2, if you still have any of this time of the year, otherwise you will have to wait until next year.
Please read everything on my :
"Own Root Cuttings Setup Gallery" with detailed comments and info for each of the 30 images. Below link to my Home page :

Good luck George Mander
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Initial post 17 JUL 07 by Mander, George
I would like to see a better photo of this rose. Just look at my other photos please.
Will now move your rose photos back a few places, as I can not delete them !
Please delete it as soon as you get my message, and please try to get BETTER photos.
Thanks George Mander, hybridizer
Reply #1 of 2 posted 17 JUL 07 by HMF Admin
I'm sorry George, you do not have the right to ask others to remove their photos from HMF. The contributor of this photo is one of our most generous contributors and his photo collection includes some of the site's most stunning photos. I very much hope he is not insulted.

Please note HMF photos have never been solely for the purpose of showcasing a rose's ideal bloom. Many other factors come into play and we believe this photo is a very intersting one.

We also can well understand your desire to showcase your roses in their best light and as such we will be making a change to the site to allow a breeder's own photos to be featured separately. We believe this is a fair compromise.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 17 JUL 07 by Henrique Rodrigues Vivián
To HMF Adm,


Henrique Rodrigues
PhotoDiscussion id : 18-195
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Initial post 22 APR 07 by Dave Bang
Beautiful form and vivid color.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 22 APR 07 by Mander, George
Thank you Dave,
I very much appriciate your comment.
George Mander
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Initial post 15 APR 07 by Mander, George
Hello everybody at Bierkreek, kwekerij Nursery,
I would like to thank everybody, especially Hans van Hage, for the excellent servive ALL of you have given me over the last 2 years as an Amateur Hybridizer.
Keep up the good work !
Met vriendelijke groet,
Best regards George Mander
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