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Authored by

Friedrich Justin Bertuch

Short descriptions to pictures in German, English, French and Italian.


This chubby 5" x 6" x 2" thick quality paperback is packed with 2000 roses

and a paragraph about each one. Occasionally there are roses for which

there is no photo, but with the wealth of information provided, this is not 

a serious flaw.

Mentioned are zones, color description, habit, size, scent and a bit of history.

Also includes parentage/heritage.

I picked this little gem up for $4.99 yesterday (3/26/11) at Borders. It was

wrapped, so for the price I expected only black and white photos, but when

I unwrapped it, was delighted to see that ALL the photos were in color.

Original price was $19.95, and it would still be a great value at that price.

The only con is that this is encyclopedia-style: You won't be able to find

a rose by it's color or type, only by the name. It is all alphabetical. If you know your roses, this won't be a handicap, but if you're new to the field it might be. In my case, I was so fascinated with all of it that I have been poring over it since my purchase--it won't be long before I'll know these roses by sight.

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Book published by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

5 favorite votes.  


Authored by

Victor Paquet

6 favorite votes.  

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