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Authored by

Walter Easlea (1832-1919)

“The popularity of the Hybrid Tea has somewhat eclipsed the above most charming groups, and it would be unfortunate if they were allowed to pass into oblivion, for they have many claims upon our regards.

... No one can deny the elegance of growth and floriferous character of the decorative Tea Roses; and were I laying out a large Rose garden, I should certainly employ many of them in good, bold beds.

... The purpose of these few notes is, first, to direct attention to a few very beautiful Tea, and China Tea Roses, as decorative plants for the garden. I will leave it to Mr. Alexander Hill Gray and other champions of the Tea Rose, as an exhibition flower, to dilate upon their merits on the show board.” W. Easlea

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Article (magazine).

Authored by

Barbara Ertter

Barbara Ertter explains why the name Rosa bridgesii Crépin ex Rydberg should be "conserved" (a technical term meaning allowed as an exception to the rules of taxonomic nomenclature) for a "relatively well-defined dwarf rose characteristic of mid-montane forests of the western Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range of California and southern Oregon" to which many different names have been given by botanists.

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Article (magazine).

Authored by

George Knight

George Knight writes of the suitability of Tea roses for the New South Wales climate and conditions. He recommends and describes a number of varieties.

Knight was a respected grower and nurseryman and his article contains practical advice and food for thought.

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