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Dawson, Jackson T.
'Dawson, Jackson T.'  photo
Photo courtesy of scvirginia
  Listing last updated on 17 Jul 2024.
Arnold Arboretum
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130
United States
Jackson T. Dawson (1841 - 1916)
[From Journal of the Arnold Arboretum, 1922, p. 168:] Jackson T. Dawson was the first superintendent of the Arboretum and continued to fill this position and that of popagator until his death in the summer of 1916. Born in the East Riding of Yorkshire in 1841 Dawson was brought when a child to this cuntry by his mother and when eight years old was started gardening in an uncle's nursery in Andover, Mass.

[From Middlesex County and its People: A History, Vol. 4, 1927, p. 477:] ...over forty years in the Arnold Arboretum Gardens , and later with the Eastern Nursery of the township which his son , Charles Jackson Dawson had established , and which Mr. Dawson contributed much to the welfare and development of .... Jackson Dawson married December 1, 1866, at Lawrence, Massachusetts, Mary McKenny, a daughter of James and Katherine McKenny. They were the parents of seven children: William F., George W., Charles J., died in 1918; James F., Minnie, Laura B., treasurer of the Easten Nursery, Inc., of Holliston; and Henry S., associated with the Eastern Nursery.

[From House & Garden, 1928, p. lx:] In November 1873 Charles Sprague Sargent was appointed Director and Jackson T. Dawson became Superintendent.

[From Roses and How to Grow Them, by J. Horace McFarland, pp. 128-129:] Jackson Dawson, for a lifetime and until his death the gardener and propagator at the famous Arnold Arboretum, near Boston, first considered the value of Rosa multiflora and R. wichuraiana as parents... [he] successfully produced (in 1888) the yet [McFarland was writing in 1929] greatly admired 'Dawson' climber. He sent out 'Lady Duncan' as probably the first Wichuraiana hybrid, and his lovely 'Wm. C. Egan' in the same year united Wichuraiana and 'General Jacqueminot'. His little-known 'Sargent' rose, described by those who have it as a glorified apple-blossom, united both multiflora and Wichuraiana with the Hybrid Perpetual blood.

[From Climbing Roses, by Stephen Scanniello and Tania Bayard, p. 68:] Jackson Dawson, the plant propagator at the Arnold Arboretum, created several Wichuraiana hybrids...
[From Roll Call: The Old Rose Breeder, by Brent C. Dickerson, p. 107:] Jackson Dawson, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA
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