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Poulsen Roser A/S

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Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 01 Oct 2021.
Kratbjerg 332
Frendensborg, 3480
Code = POU---
POULSEN, Dorus Theus (1851 - 1925)
POULSEN, Dines (1879 - 1940), eldest son of Dorus Theus Poulsen.
POULSEN, Svend 1884 - 1974), third son of Dorus Theus Poulsen
POULSEN, Niels Dines (1919 - 2003 ), only son of Svend Poulsen, started breeding roses in 1954.
POULSEN, Pernille, married Mogens Olesen

Poulsen was founded in 1878 by Dorus Theus (D.T.) Poulsen (1851 - 1925).

Poulsen Roser ApS
Hillerodvej 49
3480 Fredensborg, Denmark
POULSEN's Nursery
[From Value for Money, by Lt. Col. Ken Grapes, 2001, p. 113:] Around 1914, Dines handed over the rose breeding to his younger brother, Svend... [Svend Poulsen's] last rose was introduced in 1958. It was the bright red and yellow 'Rumba'... Svend died in 1974... Svend's son Niels carried on... [and] was awarded the RNRS Deam Hole Medal in 1994. The nursery is still run by his daughter Pernille [with] her husband Mogens Olesen...

[From The Rose Annual, 1964. p 85:] Niels D. Poulsen. Rose Growing in Denmark.
Rose hybridising in Denmark has been practised on a professional scale only by my family. My uncle Dines Poulsen started in 1910 when he came back to Denmark from France and England. My father, Dr. h.c. Svend Poulsen took it over in 1918 and now I am in it up to my neck.

[From A Celebration of Old Roses, by Trevor Griffiths, 1990, p. 131:] Poulsens of Denmark [Poulsen Rosenplanteskole] was founded in 1878 and introduced its first roses in 1912... [Poulsens] had a dominant part in the founding of the hybrid polyantha class, which became a bridge between the old polyantha rose and the new floribunda rose... Pernille Olesen (Poulsen) [and] her husband, Mogens, is now the proprietor of this world-famous nursery.

2017 Autumn. No. 54 Historic Rose Journal, U.K., page 22
Jens Otto Pedersen: my Favourite Danish Rose Gardens. Gerlevparken. Gerlev Park was established in 1979 when the Foundation for Trees and Environment recieved a donation of ten hectares of land, on which many trees had already been collected and planted by the former owner. Today the park consists of three separate areas: the Danish Tree Collection, the collection of roses grown by four generations of the Poulsen family, and the Historic Roses collection of Valdemar Petersen (1901-1986) ......

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