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'Gemini' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 13 APR 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Every year I write J&P begging and pleading for them to please re-introduce the Gemini Tree Rose, but to no avail so far! It breaks my heart- Gemini was such a fantastic standard. A bloom machine, mine was a sport-fragranced Gemini- adored the fruity, delicious scent, gorgeous spiraling blooms, perfect for a tree shape, glossy deep green foliage, everything I love...If I can get enough HMF members to petition for Gemini tree roses, that'd be a dream, lol!
Reply #1 of 15 posted 14 APR 12 by Jay-Jay
If You buy a Gemini, You might make/bud a tree-rose of Your own!
In the past days, someone gave some info on HMF about a rose suitable for making tree-roses.....
I use Rosa Canina "Pfänder's".
Reply #2 of 15 posted 15 APR 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Oh, my goodness! I am sooo impressed Jay-Jay! that is GORGEOUS!!!! How on earth did you do this! I am curious in a supposedly cold zone can one still create a budded standard? We used to be zone 5, but over the years, our zone temps are skyrocketing. This year it was like zone 8. I definitely do not have a greenhouse and never will have one. And how long before a Rosa Canina can produce a long enough "trunk" to produce a standard.... I am totally impressed with your creation!!!!!!
Reply #5 of 15 posted 15 APR 12 by Jay-Jay
Thank You for Your kind compliments.
These standard rootstocks of Rosa canina "Pfänder" are grown relatively nearby (The Nethelands is small) and I can order them from a rootstock grower. I don't know if they export to the United States. Look under nurseries in the left column and type in Kloosterhuis.
(or go to: )
In the first stage they grow them in the surroundings of Winschoten (where the beautifull Rosarium is situated) from cuttings and then send them to a region with a very rich soil, to grow/gain height and diameter of the stem. It's a process (when I remember well) of three years. Than they are sold, planted in spring and budded in june/july/august.
In the next two replies films from nursery Stange (also mentioned at HMF)
Have fun! Kind Regards, Jay-Jay.
Reply #6 of 15 posted 15 APR 12 by Jay-Jay
This is the first video I meant:
Reply #7 of 15 posted 15 APR 12 by Jay-Jay
This is the second video I meant:
Reply #8 of 15 posted 15 APR 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Thank you so much Jay. The how-to-photos and the videos are brilliant! Even though I cannot understand German I can tell the depth of knowledge and detail the videos are trying to show. I do not know if any! US videos exist that are so specialized and detailed. I am lucky in that I am one of the most regular posters at the Peter Beales forum and have several friends who are from the Netherlands. Maybe they can help me translate! Three years, lol! I can't lose because I've been regularly pestering J&P nurseries for Gemini Standard/tree rose year-after-year-after-year.... It's so odd that J&P will not re-introduce the successful standards. Instead they keep changing their inventory instead of keeping the "winners" - every year the Hybrid Tea standards are different whereas the terrible KO (Knock Out) standards are always kept - it's a bit maddening. Thank you so much for your expert help and for your wonderful video link references. As you can tell everyone is completely overwhelmed at how gorgeous and beautiful your Standard is. Even an expert can may have the skills to create a standard, but not all standards have that gorgeous health, beauty and balance going....
Reply #9 of 15 posted 15 APR 12 by Jay-Jay
You make me blush with such praise! It's still a hobby for me and it will stay that way. But there are professionals enough to help You!
If You wish, I can send you detailed photographs of how to bud in steps, when you send me Your e-mail address in a PM.
Regards, Jay-Jay.
Reply #10 of 15 posted 16 APR 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Hi, Jay-Jay! I would love to get your photos.... I also have a PM to send you because I'd like to post your very informative links and knowledge at Peter Beales. I absolutely love this forum, and I'm sure everyone would be so impressed!!! Actually I'm sure you'd be flooded with even more HMF compliments about your Standard, but our HMF correspondence is limited to only those who just happen upon this isolated Gemini discussion, lol! A bit sad, they are losing out on this wonderful sight. It's amazing that this young standard is just a year old after budding and is doing so magnificently :D Standards are very difficult especially in my zone. You can get tons of canker and scarring with standards because the bud union also cannot expand or increase in size from what a PB nursery person explained, and once the bud union has been damaged by climate stresses you cannot do much about it. But I really loved the Gemini Standard! It was so beautiful!!! P.S. I just went to your profile to PM, and had to re-edit my message- I am impressed beyond words - how on earth! to have your gorgeous organic garden! Wow, wow, and triple wow!

I saw these wonderful snapshots.....
Reply #11 of 15 posted 16 APR 12 by Jay-Jay
I didn't recieve the PM, so something must have gone wrong.
Reply #12 of 15 posted 16 APR 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Jay-Jay, I got delayed....had a few things come up so I finished my PM at 3:20 a.m., lol! I have to freelance so there's a lot of "burning of the midnight oil".....Will talk soon! and looking forward to hearing from you.... In England there is a 6 hour difference from the U.S. so my guess it's "normal" morning hours for you in the Netherlands :D
Reply #13 of 15 posted 16 APR 12 by Margaret Furness
No, not limited to those who chance upon the Gemini discussion, till later. I think many people check the Q & A Forum > Recent Posts, and also New/Recent > Photos. Which is a bit startling the first time you realise your comments are open to all.
Reply #3 of 15 posted 15 APR 12 by Lyn G
Beautiful, Jay-Jay. I wish I had your skills.

Reply #4 of 15 posted 15 APR 12 by bungalow1056
Reply #14 of 15 posted 27 JAN 14 by Robert D.
Your picture is NOT any Gemini that I've ever seen. What is it?
Reply #15 of 15 posted 27 JAN 14 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Hi, Robert! this is actually is my good friend Jay-Jay's Ghislaine de Féligonde grafted unto a standard. He was trying to demo for me how to bud a standard Gemini unto a rootstock "Pfänder" to try to replicate my original Gemini tree standard ( since J&P still doesn't carry this tree rose any longer. What he had done was bud his gorgeous Ghislaine de Féligonde unto Pfänder to create his "tree rose".... Ghislaine de Féligonde is an old garden rose, instead of the Hybrid Tea of Gemini.
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Initial post 20 AUG 13 by Robert D.
Our first Gemini turned out to be so wonderful that we had to have a second one. The first is grafted, and our second is own root from either Heirloom Roses or Rogue Valley, both of whom are first rate vendors.
The own root is sprouting like crazy already, and the first Gemini, in a pot no less, is nearly five feet tall and three feet wide. Full, gorgeous and blooms like crazy! Wonderful rose, and no sign of disease so far. Highly recommended. We're in zone 9b, and the plants seem very happy!

Robert and Lon
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Initial post 17 OCT 12 by mtspace
When I grew it in NJ in my zone 6b garden it suffered mightily from blackspot. To its credit, it did not die in its first year like some other hybrid tea roses listed as "very disease resistant," but the canes in its second year were very thin and whiplike; and they did not reach knee height. Then the blackspot started again. So I shovel pruned it and planted some other perennial flowering plant.
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Initial post 15 APR 12 by Jay-Jay
I cannot upload a reply to this comment. The form goes blank, when I push the continue button
I believe it's because I wanted to include 3 URL's. HMF accepts one URL per message, I found out.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 15 APR 12 by HMF Admin
A message loaded with multiple urls is usually spam. We have an enhancement planned to drop these restrictions for premium members as, to date, we're not aware of any spammers signing up to be premium members. Thanks for the reminder.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 15 APR 12 by Jay-Jay
Thanks for your reaction and the future possibillity to send more URL's in one message.
I noticed before sometimes the form went blank, but didn't make the link with too many URL's.
But today I found out, so I was able to give the info I wanted in several replies. One has to be inventive with the provided possibillities.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 15 APR 12 by HMF Admin
Thank you for your persistence and your MUCH appreciated support.
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