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Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm
'Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm'  photo
Photo courtesy of Azalea House Flowering Shrub Farm
Retail, mail order and closed rose nursery   Owned by Andrew Van Cleve.   Listing last updated on 21 Jan 2021.
Catalog: Online.   Newsletter available.
40 Voorheesville Ave
Voorheesville, New York 12186-9307
United States
USDA Zone: 5a
518-526-9101  [Information]
**** THIS nursery is closed as the owner has passed away. ****

I grow & sell retail own root old garden roses in 1 gallon pots that are locally hardy, disease resistant and fragrant along with modern roses that share these qualities. I try to have old garden roses that are not merely old but somehow historic so that there is a story to tell about each. About half my business is mail order where we ship plants at the end of May, June, July and August that fit into a large flat rate priority mail package from the Post Office across the street from my nursery. Plants larger than those have to be picked up at the nursery.

We don't sell Lilacs or Roses until they flower proving the variety and insuring that they are well established. My catalogs are available on my web site with small pictures of the flower that when clicked will open a larger picture that can be studied closely or saved as wallpaper.

We grow and sell Roses, Lilacs, Espalier trained Apple and Pear trees, Native Blueberry bushes and Native Azaleas that we have propagated.

We specialize in disease resistant plants that are tolerant of being grown in pots and overwintered surrounded with mulch outdoors in Vooorheesville, NY (Zone 5). There are some roses that may be locally hardy that we wont carry after the first year because they wont tolerate being overwintered in this fashion.

Most of our roses are alba, gallica, damask, centifolia, moss, rugosa, climbing or rambler roses. I have obtained virus free roses grafted on Rosa multiflora and propagated them from cuttings or layers. Then we grow them to large size selling them for as little as $10 for a 1 year old in a 1 gallon pot, $15 for a 2 year old and $25 for a 3 year old in a 3 gallon pot. We usually don't sell them until they flower verifying the variety.

Our Retail plant sale at 40 Voorheesville Ave is from May 15 untill July 4; 10AM til 2PM where I have to be anyway potting, repotting and taking cuttings. Only a few plants are visible from the road. Invariably when I take people behind the house and show them the hundreds of roses lined out on weed mat I am told they had no idea that I had so much.

After the Plant Sale we are open by appointment as I take cuttings from our grafted roses and root them in the greenhouse. My cell phone is posted on the front of the barn for you to call if my location is not obvious. I'm probably in the greenhouse or out in the fields.

As of May 2013 prices will be as follows; 1 gallon pots are priced between $10 for a 1 year old and $25 for a 3 year old. 7 gallon pot $30, 15 gallon pot $50, 25 gallon pot $100. Plants in 45 gallons that are not for sale are those I take cuttings from (mothers) and are out in front of the house on display.

The rose list linked to the bottom of this page prepared by HMF may not include all of the roses we grow for the plant sale. For inventory information you should email me at or call one of my cell phones.

All plants in the nursery, no matter their stage of growth are grown without fungicide in order to reveal their disease resistance. Susceptible plants that are not tolerant to blackspot or mildew are left to develop disease so as to provide the best information on disease resistance to our customers. We also allow soils to dry out somewhat between waterings so they will root better. These dry periods insure that any disease susceptible plants will show symptoms. Its amazing to me how little blackspot or mildew is evident These are really tough roses.

Those plants that thrive and are not sold each year will in turn be used to propagate more cuttings.

In my catalog (at I use lists of plants created to show similarities of flower color, hardiness, fall foliage color and more (one list called plantbuy is a list of every plant we grow listed numerically). The name of the plant in each list is a link to a web page for that plant alone. At the top is a description that includes the variety name, zones hardy in according to literature I have read, height, width, description of the flower and when it blooms in my nursery. Below are closeup pictures of the flower (usually being held in my left hand for size comparison), fruit, foliage and a "growing crop" picture. Below the pictures are links to associated pages and an email link.

If you wish to use any of my pictures I don't mind as long as you give me and my web page credit in a foot note.

Feel free to email me, I check my emails everyday (except when I'm traveling) before midnight and work to answer them as soon as possible. Those with no email might leave their phone number at (518) 765-2574 or call my cell phone at (518) 526-9101.

Our Plant Sale is advertised at

Open in 2015 May 15 to July 4 10 AM to 2 PM or let me know when you can come and we'll try to make an appointment to meet you. We close for the season end of August.
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