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Southern Roses
274 plants
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A,C,E,F,G,J,L,N,O,P,R,T,VBlueberry Hill ™ [WEKcryplag]
C,F,G,L,N,O,P,R,T,U,VBlush Rambler
C,E,F,G,J,L,N,O,P,R,T,VBrilliant Pink Iceberg [PRObril]
A,C,E,F,G,J,L,N,O,P,R,T,VBrother Cadfael [AUSglobe]
A,C,E,F,G,J,L,N,O,P,R,T,VBurgundy Iceberg [PROse]
—  C  —
F,G,L,N,O,P,VCaptain Cook
A,E,F,G,L,N,O,P,VCarolyn (hybrid tea, McGredy, 1984) [MACcolumb]
A,F,G,L,N,O,P,R,T,U,VCasino ®
A,C,F,G,L,N,O,P,R,T,U,VCelebration (hybrid tea, Cocker, 1990) [COCgrand]
F,G,N,O,P,T,VCeltic Cream [DICxcalibur]
C,E,F,G,L,N,O,P,R,T,U,VCharles Rennie Mackintosh [AUSren]
A,C,E,F,G,J,L,N,O,P,R,T,U,VCharlotte (shrub, Austin before 1992) [AUSpoly]
C,F,G,L,N,O,P,R,T,U,VChianti [AUSwine]
A,C,E,F,G,J,L,N,O,P,R,U,VChicago Peace [JOHnago]
A,C,F,G,L,N,O,P,R,U,VChocolate Prince [SIMchoca]
A,F,G,N,O,P,T,VCinderella (Patio, Schuurman) [SUNmapa]
F,G,L,N,O,P,T,VCity of Auckland [MACtane]
A,C,E,F,G,L,N,O,P,R,T,U,VCity of London ® [HARukfore]
A,F,G,L,N,O,P,T,VClodagh McGredy
F,G,L,N,O,P,VCoconut Ice (LCl, Horner, 2003) [HORlovesong]
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