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'The Engineer's Rose' References
Book  (1937)  Page(s) 68.  
Crimson Rambler Mult. (Tuerner 1894) ([pollen quality] 92%) [ploidy] 14
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 596.  
Rambler, Crimson (multiflora) Turner 1894; R. multifl. X R. chinensis(?); vivid crimson, small to medium-size, semi-double, lasting, long upright clusters of 20-40, once-blooming, repeats occasionally, late-blooming, light green foliage, susceptible to mildew, growth 9/10, climbing, 3-5 m. - Prof. R. Smith sent her 1878 under the name The Engineer from Japan, where she is known as Soukara-Ibara i.e. Cheery-Rose, to England. Known in France aleady 1886 as R. platyphylla, identical to R. multiflora coccinea. In China: Shi Tz-mei, i.e. Ten Sisters. = Turner's Crimson Rambler. World rose. Sangerhausen
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 717.  
Turner's Crimson Rambler = Crimson Rambler.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 358.  
Ibara (multiflora) in Japan before 1893; vivid crimson. = Crimson Rambler.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 139.  
Cerisier, Rosier (muliflora) = Crimson Rambler
Article (misc)  (1935)  Page(s) 102.  
The Climbing Polyantha, Red Explorer, a sport of 'Edith Cavell', is vigorous and you can almost always find a cluster of blooms on it. It is one of the rambler type that does not mildew, and I think replaces the old 'Crimson Rambler'.
Article (misc)  (1935)  Page(s) 111.  
Excelsa is something like Crimson Rambler but it is a healthier plant... Debutante, like a pink Crimson Rambler
Book  (1933)  Page(s) 171.  
CRIMSON RAMBLER. Japanese variety introduced by C. Turner in 1893. Although displaced by Excelsa in many gardens, this Multiflora is a superior rose. It has much better brilliant red flowers in larger and handsome trusses. Best grown as a big shrub away from walls, otherwise it will suffer from mildew and rust.
Website/Catalog  (1933)  Page(s) 93, 95 (photo).  Includes photo(s).
Ramblers (Climbers)...Crimson Rambler. Well-known sort with bright amaranth-red (9 ra) blooms. Very hardy and floriferous. ...Low garden plants 1 piece RM [Reichsmark] -.60
Book  (1930)  Page(s) 396.  
Crimson Rambler. (Turner 1894.) Imported already 1878 from Japan to England, however distributed widely only 1894.
Bloom 4 cm across, densely filled, bright crimson-red, in abundant, upright trusses, very long lasting. Vigorous shrub, beautiful light green foliage, is however, especially in very sunny locations strongly susceptible to mildew, blooms in July for several weeks. Especially suitable for freestandinf forms: payramids, pillars, hedges.
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