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'Bloomfield Abundance' rose References
Website/Catalog  (1929)  Page(s) 13.  
Everblooming Roses
The so-called Everblooming Roses include the Hybrid Tea and Pernetiana groups. They do not bloom all the time, but if kept healthy and growing steadily, one crop of flowers succeeds another at brief intervals.
Bloomfield Abundance. Hybrid Tea. (Capt. Thomas, 1920.) Small buds, opening to light salmon-pink flowers, shading to soft silvery flesh-color. Growth is strong; flower-stems good; foliage almost perfect.
Somewhat resembles Cecile Brunner in general appearance but larger in growth and blooms are better. A decorative Rose growing 3 feet high or more. Resistant to mildew and black-spot.
Book  (1924)  Page(s) 94.  
Dr. Wm L. Hess. Denver, Colo. A Denver Test-Garden.
I am placing the Hybrid Tea 'Bloomfield Abundance' in this class, because it reminds me of an overgrown Polyantha, being a great improvement over 'Cecile Brunner' with flowers larger and more full in bud, and darker in color.
Book  (1924)  Page(s) 73.  
Bloomfield Abundance. Thomas, 1920; introduced by Bobbink & Atkins. (From Sylvia (Wich.) x Dorothy Page-Roberts (HT).) Extremely hardy. Medium to light salmon-pink, shading to soft silvery flesh; small bud, open flower with high pointed center; slight fragrance; lasts well. Strong growth; fair stem; foliage almost perfect. A dainty decorative rose, much on the shade of Cécile Brunner, but a larger and stronger grower; much hardier than the climbing sport. ...In Cen. Zone only tips of wood winter-kell. Gave over three hundred blooms in the Portland, Ore., test of 1919, and scored over 93 percent....
Magazine  (Mar 1922)  Page(s) 21.  
"New Roses for the Garden" by Charles E. F. Gersdorff
A new line of Roses developed and described by Captain George C. Thomas, Jr. in the "American Rose Annual" for 1920 must be mentioned although I have not had opportunity for any personal observation of these varieties. However, the fact that they have been admired by others and have passed successfully the rigid tests conducted at the Rose Test Garden, Portland, Oregon, and have been produced by an amateur whose standard of excellence is very high and whose ability in judging the merits of Roses is well known, leads me to believe that one would not go far wrong in acquiring these varieties. I have in mind the following: [...] Bloomfield Abundance, an everblooming semi-climber, salmon pink and double, flowers constantly from June to heavy frost [...] All four were sent out in 1920 by Bobbink & Atkins.
Book  (1922)  Page(s) 168.  
Official List of Roses Introduced in America
Bloomfield Abundance, Hybrid Tea (Capt. George C. Thomas, Jr., reg. A.R.S. 1920; intro. by Bobbink & Atkins and A.N. Pierson, Inc., 1920.) Sylvia X Dorothy Page-Roberts.
Book  (1920)  Page(s) 36, 132.  Includes photo(s).
p.36) From article: The Hardy Everblooming Climber

By George C. Thomas Jr.

The third of these 1914 crosses is also only a semi-climber, but found favor in the eyes of Messrs. Bobbink & Atkins, Rutherford, N. J., and of A. N. Pierson, Inc., of Cromwell, Conn. It has been named "Bloomfield Abundance," and, as the illustration shows, is a most prolific bloomer. This rose has grown to five feet when only thinned in pruning. It blooms constantly from June to heavy frost, and is hardy. The illustration shows a plant one year after setting out; the color of the flowers is salmon-pink.

p.132) Bloomfield Abundance, H.T. (Capt. George C. Thomas, 1920.) Sylvia X Dorothy Page-Roberts. Type, Cecile Brunner. Flowers double, salmon-pink, produced singly and in sprays. Foliage glossy, dark green, not susceptible to mildew. Grows 3 to 6 feet high, bushy. Similar to Cecile Brunner, but is hardier and the blooms are larger.

Website/Catalog  (1920)  Page(s) 6.  
Hybrid Tea Roses.
Bloomfield Abundance.  This Rose resembles Cecile Brunner, but it is hardier and the blooms are larger.  It forms a bushy plant from 3 to 6 feet high, with glossy dark green foliage that is not susceptible to mildew.  The flowers are double, of a lovely salmon-pink, and are produced singly and in sprays.  This is one of the famous Roses originated by Captain Thomas, and which has been so admired by all who have seen it.
Book  (1920)  Page(s) 222.  
Bloomfield Abundance is a low hedge rose of, if not cut back, a five to six foot pillar rose; does not winter kill; blooms in sprays; something like Cecile Brunner only larger; color salmon pink; it is double and lasting; blooms continuously and prolifically from June to frost; foliage nearly perfect, dark green varnished. A dainty little rose and absolutely new.
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