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'Rosa X odorata 'Pallida'' rose References
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 24.  Includes photo(s).
('Old Blush', 'Common Monthly') One of the "parent" China roses that contributed its everblooming character to modern roses.
Book  (Oct 1996)  Page(s) 5.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (1996)  Page(s) 21.  Includes photo(s).
Old Blush ('Common Blush China', 'Monthly Rose', 'Parson's Pink') China bush... the sensation of the later eighteenth century because of its ability to flower from summer until forced into dormancy by late season frosts... shiny, pointed leaves (a novelty in the Europe of the 1750s)... This Chinese garden rose is said to have come to Europe in 1752.
Book  (1994)  Page(s) 8, 47.  
Page 8: Jessie Mould has made a very intensive study of old roses in the Banks Peninsula area [of New Zealand], and also especially in the area settled by French colonists at Akaroa. So widely were roses circulated through his See by the Roman Catholic bishop that 'Old Blush', the little pink rose, gained the local name 'Bishop Pompallier's Rose'. Likewise the good bishop distributed 'Madame Plantier' as he toured the district conducting weddings and christenings, so that it became known as 'The Bride's Rose'.
Page 47: Old Blush or 'Monthly Rose'... will be found [in Australia] as wilding in many areas, especially near old mining settlements. True to its name this rose blooms all year through in all but the coldest areas and has been long known and loved for its fragrance...
Book  (Nov 1993)  Page(s) 26.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 418.  
China (OGR), medium pink, ('Common Monthly'; 'Common Blush China'; 'Old Pink Daily'; 'Old Pink Monthly'; 'Parsons' Pink China'); Introduced into Sweden in 1752 and into England before 1759. Flowers two-tone pink, semi-double, medium blooms in loose sprays; almost scentless; vigorous, upright growth; dependably recurrent.
Book  (Feb 1993)  Page(s) 94.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 74, 76.  Includes photo(s).
Page 74: [PHOTO]
Page 76: ['Old Blush China'] China ('Parsons' Pink China'; formerly known as the 'Monthly Rose') Description. Repeats. Flowers: small, pale pink.
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 119.  
Old Blush A lot of interesting information about this rose... here are some excerpts... Look in any old graveyard, especially in the southern United States or in the Gold Country of California, and you are almost certain to find 'Old Blush'... This rose survives so widely because of its ability to root and grow from the tiniest slip or cutting taken from a bush. It thrives anywhere except in very cold areas... It became a great favorite because the flowers would bloom in spring and come again for the fall... 'Old Blush' also became known as one of the great stud roses...
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