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'François Juranville' rose References
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 86.  Includes photo(s).
Article (website)  (1982)  Page(s) 17.  
Francois Juranville  (wichuraiana Rambler) An unusual tangle of petals create a non-descript individual bloom but when seen in full flush the rose is spectacular and far superior to the more common ‘Albertine’ with which it is sometimes confused. 1906.  •  T. (S) 20 x 15’.
Book  (1965)  
The Barbier firm produced 'Albéric Barbier', 'Paul Transon', 'René André', 'Léontine Gervais', 'François Juranville', 'Alexandre Girault', and 'Auguste Gervais', in that order from 1900 to 1908, and the species used was R. luciae, which is sometimes considered a form of R. wichuraiana, or vice versa.
Book  (1940)  Page(s) 16.  
'François Juranville' Rambler. (Barbier, '06.) R. Wichuraiana X Mme. Laurette Messimy. Large, bright salmon-pink, base yellow; quite distinct. Very vig.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 379.  
Juranville, François (hybrid wichurana) Barbier 1906; R. Wich. X M. L. Messimy; glossy peach-pink to salmon-pink, petal base yellow, large, double, in clusters of 20, fragrance 5/10, floriferous, long-blooming, large glossy dark green foliage, growth 8/10, climbing, 3 m. Sangerhausen
Website/Catalog  (1935)  Page(s) 7.  
Rosiers Grimpants à grandes végétation... François Juranville.- Fleur moyenne, rose frais, florifère, très hâtive.
Book  (1931)  Page(s) Vol. II, p. 685.  
A certain amount of French otto is also distilled from garden roses. 'Ulrich Brunner,' distilled with other garden blooms, give a fair quality oil or concrete, known as 'Roses de France.' Other varieties which frequently enter into the composition of 'Roses de France' concretes are 'Gruss an Teplitz,' 'Frau Karl Druschky,' Narbonnand, Van Houtte, Safrano, Paul Neyron, Madame Gabriel Luizet, Madame Caroline Testout, Baronne de Rothschild, Mrs. John Laing, Madame Maurice de Luze, François Juranville, Gerbe Rose and Gloire d'un Enfant d'Hiram.
Magazine  (Jun 1929)  Page(s) 66.  
François Juranville (Barbier & Cie, 1906), Wich. x Laurette Messimy, rose frais teinté aurore, arb. vigoureux et florifère.
Magazine  (1927)  Page(s) 747.  
François Juranville, salmon pink with a sheen of yellow, is another large-flowering rambler well worthy of inclusion in any collection.
Magazine  (1927)  
Perpetual-flowering Wichuraiana Roses are yet in the making, but, in the meantime, Francois Juranville shows this desirable tendency more than any I am acquainted with
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