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'Antoine Rivoire' rose References
Website/Catalog  (1929)  Page(s) 12.  
Website/Catalog  (1927)  Page(s) 35.  
Worth-while Roses.
White Roses.
Field-grown, strong 2-year plants, $1 each, $7.50 for 10, $50 per 100
Antoine Rivoire.  Hybrid Tea.  Creamy white, with delicate pink tinge.  A good grower.  
Website/Catalog  (1925)  Page(s) 53.  
General List. (139) Antoine Rivoire (HT. Pernet Ducher 1896) F. 3. .....It is the best rose for the bud to full bloom class in exhibitions....
Website/Catalog  (1922)  Page(s) 31.  
General List. (158) Antoine Rivoire (HT) (Pernet Ducher) 2. Creamy flesh; large blooms, rather flat, but freely produced. Although this old favourite is passing out, it numbers amongst its progeny more seedlings of quality than any other variety.
Book  (1921)  Page(s) 69.  
My Back-Yard Roses in Their Fourth Season By Arthur P. Greeley, Washington, D.C.

Roses Giving over Fifty Blooms
Mme Eugene Marlitt. Bourbon... Own Root, 12th Season, Average Blooms = 185, 1920 Blooms = 234
Ecarlate. Hybrid Tea... Own Root, 4th Season, Average Blooms = 113, 1920 Blooms = 185
Eugenie Lamesch. Polyantha... Own Root, 5th Season, Average Blooms = 112, 1920 Blooms = 126
G. Nabonnand. Tea... Own Root, 11th Season, Average Blooms = 229, 1920 Blooms = 97
Lady Ursula. Hybrid Tea... Grafted, 4th Season, Average Blooms = 82, 1920 Blooms = 87
Winter Gem. Tea... Own Root, 12th Season, Average Blooms = 45, 1920 Blooms = 58
Antoine Rivoire. Hybrid Tea... Own Root, 5th Season, Average Blooms = 54, 1920 Blooms = 57
Lucullus. Bengal... Own Root, 12th Season, Average Blooms = 80, 1920 Blooms = 51
Leonie Lamesch. Polyantha... Grafted, 3rd Season, Average Blooms = 92, 1920 Blooms = 50
Book  (1917)  Page(s) 22-3.  
Roses Worth While for Everybody by George C. Thomas, Jr.
The Best Forty-eight Garden Roses. First or Southern Division*, Light Section.
Antoine Rivoire. Hybrid Tea. Flesh to cream-yellow-peach center, sometimes with lilac shading; perfume mild; twenty-seven blooms throughout the season; growth high and strong but lacking in bushiness. A distinct and beautiful rose for cutting, especially in the spring.

*It should be noted that these forty-eight varieties are also recommended by Mr. Thomas as best for the "Second or Moderate Division." — Editor.
Book  (Apr 1915)  Page(s) 42, 50.  Includes photo(s).
Antoine Revoire [The author tested every variety found in the best European catalogues and selected 16 Best All-Round Roses for growing in the Mid-Atlantic United States. This is one of the 16.] Description and cultivation
p. 50: Antoine Revoire Description and cultivation... Flesh to cream, yellow peach center, sometimes with lilac shading...
Article (newspaper)  (7 Mar 1914)  Page(s) 10.  
A goodly number of really useful and distinct new roses have been introduced these last few years, among the best of which are Antoine Rivoire. This variety is the result of crossing Lady Mary Fitzwilliam and Dr. Grill, two of our freest flowerers, although Lady Mary Fitzwilliam is a weak grower. The color is a deep rosy flesh, with a tinge of soft copper; it is a good grower, with large-sized blooms, full, and camellia-like in shape.
Website/Catalog  (1914)  Page(s) 14.  
Hybrid Tea Roses.
Antoine Rivoire, J. Pernet-Ducher, 1896, vigorous. Rosy flesh, on yellow ground, shaded with a border of carmine, large, full; beautiful.
Book  (1914)  Page(s) 36-37.  
In 1894 this rose [Lady Mary Fitzwilliam] with Dr. Grill produced Antoine Revoire, a rose that is holding its own among the newer Hybrid Teas of today, and is still by far the best rose of its shade in this country.
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