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'Gloire de Chédane-Guinoisseau' rose References
Website/Catalog  (1946)  Page(s) 26.  
Rosiers Hybrides Remontants formant hauts buissons ....
GLOIRE DE CHEDANE-GlUINOISSEAU (Chedane-Pajotin 1908). Fleur rouge vermillon très vif, velouté. très grande en coupe, bouton allongé s'ouvrant bien, rameaux érigés.
Book  (1943)  Page(s) 50.  
Frank Penn, N.Z.  Champion Roses. 
At the National Rose Society's first Rose display of the season the championship was awarded to a fair specimen of that old Hybrid Perpetual, Gloire de Chedane Guinoisseau... though a free bloomer, varies considerably in merit, especially in colour. When one gets a good bloom just at its right stage, with all its "bloom" and brightness, it is hard to beat, even though it must now be considered an old rose (1907). 
Website/Catalog  (1938)  Page(s) 21.  
Bush Roses
Gloire de Chedane Guinoisseau (Hybrid Perpetual)... Velvety vermilion red; very large and full. Vigorous. Very highly perfumed. Introduced 1908.
Magazine  (Dec 1936)  Page(s) 134.  
M. Louis TROMPEO nous fait connaître les roses rouges qui réussissent le mieux à Rome.....
Gloire de Chedane Guinoisseau. — Beau bouton pointu. Fleur grande, pleine, à coupe, rouge vermeil très vif. Parfumée et très florifère mais non remontante.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 150.  
Chédane-Guinoisseau, Gloire de (HP) Chédane & Pajotin 1908; Gl. de Ducher X ? ; vivid vermilion-red, occasionally velvety, very large, very double, cup form, to 2-5, fragrance 5/10, long buds, firm stems, foliage susceptible to mildew, growth 7/10, upright. Sangerhausen
Website/Catalog  (1929)  Page(s) 39.  
Hybrid Perpetual Roses
Gloire de Chédane-Guinoisseau. (Chédane & Pajotin, 1907.) Dark velvety crimson flowers with deep claret reflexes, of largest size and finest shape; fragrant. Plant exceedingly vigorous, rather sparing in bloom, quite hardy.
A gorgeous Rose which endures hot weather better than most reds. The flowers are strong in quality, and in favorable seasons are produced lavishly over a very long season. Ranks with the very best Roses for the garden.
Website/Catalog  (1922)  Page(s) 38.  
Hybrid Perpetual Roses. (2) Gloire De Chedane Guinnoisseau (Guinnoisseau) 2. Very bright vermilion, sometimes velvety. This is a splendid show bloom and quite a good garden variety.
Website/Catalog  (1921)  Page(s) 17.  
Gloire de Chedane Guinoisseau, bright red; class: Hybrid Perpetual; habit of growth: vigorous.
Website/Catalog  (1914)  Page(s) 12.  
Hybrid Perpetual Roses.
Gloire de Chedane Guinoisseau, Guinoisseau & Chedane, 1908, vigorous. Bright vermilion red, shaded velvet, very large, full, perfect form; fine.
Magazine  (10 Jun 1911)  Page(s) 278.  
The Parentage of Roses.
The following list of the world's Roses and their parentage has been compiled by Mr. Robert Daniel, 38 Russell Road. Fishponds, Bristol, and by his kind permission we are enabled to publish it...
Gloire de Chedane-Guinoisseau... Hybrid Perpetual, Guinoisseau and Chedane, 1908, Seedling Gloire de Ducher
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