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'Arthur Bell' rose References
Book  (Feb 1993)  Page(s) 220.  Includes photo(s).
Arthur Bell Cluster-flowered floribunda. Parentage: 'Cläre Grammerstorf' x 'Piccadilly' Northern Ireland 1965. Description and cultivation... flowers: bright yellow, fading as they mature to paler yellow. Lovely cut flower or buttonhole...
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 18.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 58.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (May 1992)  Page(s) 261.  Includes photo(s).
Arthur Bell Description... well-formed, semi-double flowers of rich deep yellow, fading to lemon with age, in large clusters, though occasionally singly...
Book  (1986)  
p18. If you ask me to named the best yellow floribunda today I would unhesitatingly say 'Friesia'. Not that it is perfect. Arthur Bell is a much better plant.

p55. Arthur Bell, over the years has been a marvellous parent. It gave a vitality and vigour to yellow roses. It transmitted its fragrance easily. it gave healthy progeny. I used it a lot, always trying to tame its vigour just a bit and at the same time increase the flower size.....

p70. Illustration Arthur Bell. Raised by Sam McGredy in New Zealand in 1965. Bred from 'Clare Grammerstorf' x 'Piccadilly'. An ideal yellow for a cool climate.

p71. Arthur Bell' is named, of course, for the best distillery in Scotland..... 'Arthur Bell' has been on the market for quite some time. It is a stayer, and it is easy to see why. It has vigour and health - the two basic needs of any good rose. It also is very, very fragrant, albeit somewhat different in its nose from the original article. Sure, the colour fades as the flowers grow old, but it is always attractive....Not only has 'Arthur Bell' been popular as a garden rose, it has been of immense importance in bringing its health and vigour to following generations.....

p80. What is interesting is that I would call both 'Mary Sumner' and Arthur Bell "unmanageable" because of their tendency to throw over-tall semi-climbing second shoots.

p82. As a breeder, I find the seedlings interesting. Far too many of them lack vigour. About ten percent, however, have a most perfect habit, showing all the good points of Arthur Bell without the very tall second shoots.... The fragrance factor is elusive, as ever. 'Arthur Bell' is full of it..... I still have a lot of faith in the R. eglanteria strain, through 'Arthur Bell' derivatives.
Book  (1984)  Page(s) 8.  
Dr. Phillip C. Gardner, Avenue Nurseries. Citation - New Zealand Rose Award.....He succeeded in obtaining the agency for Sam McGredy's roses.... many older members will recall the introduction to New Zealand of such roses as Arthur Bell....
Website/Catalog  (1982)  Page(s) 48.  
Arthur Bell  A golden-yellow fading to primrose-yellow as flowers age. Glossy foliage. Healthy. Medium. McGredy 1965.
Book  (1978)  Page(s) 128.  
Arthur Bell. Tall. yellow. Remontant. Perfume: 6. Hips: 3. Three stars recommendation. Most people feel slightly annoyed with 'Arthur Bell' when his yellow swiftly ebbs away; but the contrast of gold and primrose is not displeasing. A sweetly scented Floribunda, 'Arthur Bell' has an excellent record of health. He has been a channel for Kordes' Sweet Briar strain to pass through into Hybrid Teas as well as Floribundas. Raised by Sam McGredy from 'Clare Grammerstorf' x 'Piccadilly' and introduced in 1965. If you wish to know who Arthur Bell may be, look at a bottle of Bell's Old Scotch Whisky.
Book  (1977)  Page(s) 119.  
The Centenary International Rose conference. Rose Breeding.
Answering a question why 'Claire Grammerstorf' was used in breeding, Sam explained yellow was always a difficult colour and 'Claire Grammerstorf' was useful, particularly for giving hardiness and vigour. He was lucky to have had some success with Arthur Bell, 'Yellow Pages' and 'Young Quinn'. They owed their constitution to Grammerstorf.
Pat [Dickson] said at the Summer Show in July his Company were exhibiting a compact growing yellow floribunder under the name 'Dicalow' on the BARB stand. That variety owed its origin to 'Claire Grammerstorf' and this was unusual because most seedlings from that variety - and there had been thousands - were tall growing, even shrub-like in the first generation. He considered that 'Arthur Bell' was the best to date from that line.
Book  (1974)  Page(s) 117.  
....If there is one thing that Sam McGredy will be remembered for, it is the fact that he made roses pay their way by naming them for commercial concerns - at a consideration. ....There was Arthur Bell for a whisky company - his payment comes in the form of whisky each year.
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