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'Le Vésuve' rose References
Magazine  (1940)  Page(s) 450 vol 20.  
China Roses
W. L. Carter
I am afraid I cannot go all the way with Mr. Marriott in agreeing that all China roses have similar characteristics in colour variation to Lemesle, the Le Vesuve of the early nineteenth century French rose authorities. By the way, it is not "Rosa" Lemesle, which would indicate it was a rose species instead of one of many China hybrids. This rose is not an instance of slight deepening or paling hue under the influence of the summer sun, but a darkening amounting to a complete colour change. This commences as a streaking, blotching and suffusion on the reverse of the petal — it seems to radiate first from the veins — until it reaches the edge over which it creeps, and then proceeds to cover the petal face in like manner.
Book  (1936)  
p96. China Roses. William Paul was the first, I think, to point out that these Roses deepen in colour as they grow older, and as the sun strengthens, unlike the Damasks and Albas, which grow paler. A good example is the variety called Lemesle, which opens quite pale and ends a rich crimson; when half out one may find the two colours in one flower.

p100. Lemesle (Vesuvius). Flower double, size of Blush China, central petals blush, exterior dark crimson, finally all turning dark; pistil red, very short, or level with disc. An interesting variety of which I can find no early record, unless it be Redoute's Cruenta, which I think probable.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 731.  
Vésuve, Le (hybrid china) Laffay 1825; pink, veined fire-red, silvery edges, reverse carmine-pink, medium size, double, regular, expanded, solitary, very floriferous repeat, large broad prickles, bluish foliage, growth 7/10, upright.
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 411.  
Lemesle (hybrid china) ? ? ; vivid pink, large, double, camellia-form, in clusters of 3-10, floriferous, continuous bloom, growth 5/10, bushy. = Le Vesuve. Sangerhausen
Book  (1918)  Page(s) 146.  
Le Vesuve. Bengal-C. (Sprunt, 1858).
Book  (1916)  Page(s) 177.  
[In the list of American Roses}
Le Vesuve, Ben.-C. [Bengal-China] (Sprunt, 1858.) 3. [refers to the reference work, Roses and Rose-Growing by Rose G. Kingsley. 1908]
Website/Catalog  (1913)  Page(s) 77.  
China, or Monthly Roses.
Lemesle Rose is one of the most beautiful and distinct of the Monthly Roses. The flowers open clear rose, gradually changing to red. They are large and full and fragrant. The plant blooms throughout the season and affords ample blossoms for all purposes.
Book  (1912)  Page(s) opposite p. 92.  Includes photo(s).
Le Vésuve
Book  (1908)  Page(s) 132.  
[In the listing of China or Bangal Roses, R. Indica.
Le Vesuve Sprunt, 1858. Bright red and pink.
Website/Catalog  (1907)  Page(s) 83.  
In "Monthly, or China Roses,": Lemesle. Clear rose, gradually changing to red; flowers large and full, borne profusely throughout the season. A beautiful and distinct variety.
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