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'Baby Faurax' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 16 APR 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 16 APR 18 by Andrew from Dolton
I have grown this rose for five years now. Up until this winter it always suffered bad die back, last year half of the plant died back. This year I did no pruning at all, last autumn's dead flower stalks stayed on and they only died back to the first new shoot. I did cut just one stem back in October for cut flowers and that stem died right back to the ground. I just finally removed the dead flower stalks today and the rest of the plant looks very healthy.
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Initial post 24 NOV 17 by Plazbo
So this rose blooms in flushes. So far, it had a heavy bloom at the beginning of spring, now almost summer and no repeat yet? Is this normal? Is the repeat not til autumn? It might just be settling in (it's not putting on new growth either), just trying to figure out if this is normal for it or not.
Reply #1 of 7 posted 24 NOV 17 by Andrew from Dolton
Hello Plazbo,
'Baby Faurax' does indeed flower in flushes right through until the first frosts in autumn, in fact I don't think there was a time from May to October when there wasn't a bloom open somewhere on the plant.
Reply #2 of 7 posted 24 NOV 17 by Plazbo
I guess mines just settling in then given the lack of blooms after the early spring bloom.
Reply #3 of 7 posted 24 NOV 17 by Andrew from Dolton
My garden is cool and damp during the summer maybe the growing conditions are different to yours, my 'Baby Faurax' also suffers from die back each winter. Patricia grows it, maybe her experience would be in a climate more appropriate to yours.
Reply #4 of 7 posted 24 NOV 17 by Patricia Routley
I have a couple of plants in my acid soil heavy loam. But they are both miniscule. However I do grow it well in a verandah pot where it is watered and fed well with chopped lucerne hay and sheep manure. About twice a year I add about a quarter of a teaspoon of sulphate of potash to the pot. I don't really deadhead it as I am seeking the seeds but am quite sure 'Baby Faurax' would repeat if I did. I get a huge amount of enjoyment out of growing a few seeds each year and they are all, so far, making small shrubs. Last year the rosella parrots heard me thinking that I must pick that wonderful crop of seeds. Later I swept up their crumbs and named the only two I got up 'Baby Parrot Pick' and 'Baby Parrot Reject'. I'll add some photos.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 24 NOV 17 by Margaret Furness
I like the Baby Tooth best of all.
Reply #6 of 7 posted 24 NOV 17 by Andrew from Dolton
My plant is about 75cm high, my soil is well drained acid loam. Each shoot that it throws up has flower buds which is typical of these dwarf sports. Multiflora hybrids like 'Veilchenblau' and 'Bleu Magenta', to which it is related, grow very well in my cool damp climate too.
Reply #7 of 7 posted 11 APR 18 by Plazbo
It was either a settling in issue or a too hot issue because now in autum/fall (where temps are between 20c and 30c instead of mid 30's to mid 40's celcius) it's producing multiple bloom clusters. Guess I'll find out next year.
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most recent 27 MAR 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 27 MAR 17 by Andrew from Dolton
This rose grew and flowered well last summer, however, despite a mild winter it has suffered badly from die-back although it there are some very healthy growths on the surviving stems.
Discussion id : 58-683
most recent 17 NOV 11 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 16 NOV 11 by Patricia Routley
I thought growing a few 'Baby Faurax' from seed would give me an idea of where it came from.
It doesn't. The seedlings are all different. It did give me an idea of how much work the breeders do to get a good rose though.
Reply #1 of 5 posted 16 NOV 11 by Rupert, Kim L.
Patricia, see if you can find the biography of Harry Wheatcroft. In it, he states Baby Faurax is the dwarf, repeat flowering sport of Veilchenblau.
Reply #3 of 5 posted 17 NOV 11 by Patricia Routley
Thanks Kim. It is not in the index of "My Life With Roses" 1959, so I've started re-reading the book.

And thanks to you too Karl. No signs of grey so far and I took photos of the babies through last year as well. Most are not terribly healthy though.
Reply #2 of 5 posted 17 NOV 11 by Karl Rand
I'd be interested to know if any of those seedlings exhibit Veilchenblau's unfortunate habit of eventually turning a dirty grey. A version of Veilchenblau, climbing or not, without that feature would be worth having.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 17 NOV 11 by billy teabag
I enjoyed those photos and the names! It's a very interesting and diverse range of colour and form.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 17 NOV 11 by Patricia Routley
Thanks Billy.
Kim - finished my book and no mention of 'Baby Faurax'. Must have been in another book. I'll search.
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