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'Condesa da Foz' rose References
Website/Catalog  (1917)  Page(s) 74.  
Climbing Tea and Noisette Roses
These are the Roses which make such a glorious display in the warmer sections of the country, covering porches, pergolas and trellises with their handsome foliage and gorgeous flowers.  Those marked H. will be found hardy even in the coldest climate if given protection during the winter, while those marked M. H. are moderately hardy and especially valuable for open-ground culture south of Philadelphia and in California.
Reve d'Or.  Moderately Hardy. — Buff-yellow; good.
Website/Catalog  (1915)  Page(s) 46.  
The Rose is at home in the South, where we can produce flowers cf all kinds nearly the year around...
Reve d'Or.  Noisette.  Buff-yellow and saffron.  Fine climber.
Website/Catalog  (1914)  Page(s) 45.  
Climbing Section.
Reve d'Or (Noisette)... Ducher, 1869, very vigorous. Deep yellow, very free, small, pretty; buds should be thinned.
Website/Catalog  (1913)  
Reve d'Or. A grand climber. Apricot yellow. A profuse bloomer.
Magazine  (5 Aug 1911)  Page(s) 374.  
The Parentage of Roses.
The following list of the world's Roses and their parentage has been compiled by Mr. Robert Daniel, 38 Russell Road. Fishponds, Bristol, and by his kind permission we are enabled to publish it...
Rêve d'Or... Noisette, Ducher, 1869, Seedling Madame Schultz
Website/Catalog  (1911)  Page(s) 28.  
Climbers. Reve d'Or. Deep coppery yellow; large and full; vigorous.
Book  (1911)  Page(s) 51.  
Individual descriptions from “Some Good Climbing Roses” by H. R. Darlington.
Website/Catalog  (1910)  Page(s) 28.  
The Ever-blooming Climbing Roses.
Climbing Roses are of great utility in beautifying porches, fences, arbors, etc.
Price: 30 cents each; $2.50 per 12; $30.00 per 100.
Reve d'Or.  Buff yellow; one of the best climbing roses; a strong grower and continuous bloomer.
Book  (1910)  Page(s) 192, 337.  
Reve d'Or among the best roses of the 1860s...
p. 337: [One of the more tender Noisettes leaning towards the Teas.] Rêve d'Or [Noisette]; flowers deep yellow, sometimes coppery yellow, large and full; growth vigorous. A good wall Rose. One of the best.
Magazine  (1906)  Page(s) 327-8.  
When planted at the foot of a south wall this Rose flowers early in the season. It opened its first flowers in these gardens on the 10th ult., when they were most welcome. The buds are very numerous, and should be well thinned, when most charming flowers of a buff yellow may be obtained. This Rose is a rampant grower, free flowering, and hardy. The removal of old wood frequently causes canker and the ultimate death of the plant. After flowering the weakly shoots should be removed, and the following spring the unripened tops of the strong shoots cutback. Although early flowers are obtained from plants on a south wall, the Rose will grow quite as well in other positions providing the soil is suitable and well drained, as perhaps there is no other climbing Noisette Rose (excepting Marechal Niel) to the welfare of which a cold, wet soil is so disastrous. Reve d'Or is one of our best Noisette Roses ; it was introduced by Ducher in 1869.
Munden Gardens, Watford. C. Ruse.
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