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'Naniwa-Ibara' rose References
Magazine  (1998)  Page(s) 116. Vol 92, part 4.  
Dr. Tam Koolin. Three Wild Roses and Old Blushes in Coastal Fujian, South East China.
The first species to bloom was the deliciously scented R. laevigata....
Book  (Oct 1996)  Page(s) 39.  
R. laevigata ('Cherokee Rose') 1759. Description... Big, single white flowers with yellow stamens... This rose has become naturalised in the southern states of the United States of America since arriving there from China, and it is the state flower of Georgia...
Book  (Jun 1994)  Page(s) 11-12.  
Laevigatae... highly glossy leaves... only one species... R. laevigata, from China.
Book  (Nov 1993)  Page(s) 52.  
The Cherokee Rose... the state flower of Georgia...
Book  (Jun 1993)  Page(s) 21.  Includes photo(s).
Book  (Feb 1993)  Page(s) 22, 34.  Includes photo(s).
Page 22: [Photo]
Page 34: 2 photos: branch and blooms
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 76.  Includes photo(s).
[Listed under "Wild Roses and Their Cultivars"] ('Cherokee Rose', Rosa laevigata) A rampant climber which will climb into trees or cover a pergola. A native of China … it has also gone wild in the USA's southern states. Spring flowering. Height: 20 ft. Some scent.
Book  (1974)  Page(s) 53.  
David Ruston, South Australia. Roses of Distinction. 
R. laevigata excels in the drier parts of Australia. It, too, is evergreen and a rampant grower which never gets any disease if in full sun—in shade it can mildew. Its shiny bright green foliage makes it most attractive even when not in bloom, but when the three inch single white flowers with golden stamens on great arching canes appear it has no equal in the garden at a time when flowering peaches, apples, wistaria and magnolias are at their best.
Book  (1964)  Page(s) 118.  
E. F. Allen. Recent Research on Roses. ....Seed of R. canina requires a warm treatment at 80 degrees F. for two months, and then cool storage at 40 degrees F. for three months. However, seed of R. laevigata is not affected by such treatment and requires three years to germinate.
Book  (1940)  Page(s) 446.  
Rosa setigera...Related species: R. triphylla Roxb. Climbing; prickles few, small, recurved: lfts. 3, rarely 5, ovate-lanceolate, acuminate, glabrous, glaucous beneath; stipules narrow, dentate: fls. corymbose, small, white, double, the inner petals shorter and narrower than the outer ones; pedicels and calyx-tube glabrous. R.H.1842:281.t(c). W.R.67:t(c). (R. anemoneflora Fort.) E. China. Intr. 1844. Zone VII.
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