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'Satchmo ®' rose References
Book  (1977)  Page(s) 38.  
The Final Analysis, 1976-77 Season.
'Satchmo' 7.9 (McGredy) 'Evelyn Fison' x 'Diamant'. Healthy bush up to 150cm. Clean foliage right to the ground. A bright red which is always in bloom. The only complaint against it is that it has an inclination to burn in hot sunshine.
Book  (1976)  Page(s) 148.  
Sam McGredy: I once christened three seedling roses 'Heath', 'Maudling' and 'Powell'. The first two never came to anything. 'Powell' survived, but I later decided to change the name to 'Satchmo'!

Question.....Have you ever handled an order that really tugged at your heartstrings?

Sam McGredy: After I named 'Satchmo' in honour of Louis Armstrong the jazzman, I'd a letter from him and his wife. Many famous people ask for large numbers of roses to be sent free if they have one named after them. Not Satchmo. He asked for just one single plant so they could put it in the garden and enjoy it. Roses going to America have to remain in quarantine for two years. He died before it could reach him.
Book  (1976)  
p29. Review of Newer Roses 1975-76 Season.
'Satchmo' Red. 23 plants; 5 years; 100cm; N.R.S. rating 8.0. Cambridge: Large wind resistant heads, dazzling colour. Have a large bed of this. Wonderful mass display, forty flowers on a head, clothed in foliage right to the ground. Gisborne: Dark red blooms, good clusters. Medium growth. Burns badly here, rather disappointing. Christchurch: .Magnificent heads. What substance and freshness! Strong grower.

p33 , Pamela Morrah. Trial Six – The Pick of the Bunch.
….’Satchmo’ with top rating in our Rose Review.
Book  (1975)  
p19. The Review of Newer Roses 1974-75.
'Satchmo' Red, 22 reports; 4 years grown; Average height 36"; N.R.S. rating 8.7.
Waipawa: Not a bit of trouble. Franklin: Bright fiery red clusters make great garden display. Always in bloom and well worth growing. Christchurch: Very nice and this year has produced some beautifully shaped heads.

p126 Brian Attfield. ‘Kind’ Roses. To qualify for my short list, the rose must…….
3. Produce plenty of good quality blooms which drop cleanly and with a minimum of fading.
I have not included new introductions as they are still be to proven but ‘Satchmo’ would have to be considered. However, it would fail on the requirements in No. 3, which is the hardest test to pass.
Book  (1974)  Page(s) 143.  
Isobel Coulston. Review of Newer Roses, 1973-74 Season.
‘Satchmo’ No. of reports 16. Years grown 3. Average height 36”. NRS rating 8.7. Dargaville: Very healthy. Good floribunda show exhibit. Nelson: Bright, doesn’t burn. Heads last for weeks. Rich velvet scarlet. Good display and repeat. Slight mildew. Dunedin: Glorious velvety red trusses. Very worthwhile.
Book  (1973)  Page(s) 57.  
Isobel Coulston. Review of Newer Roses, 1972-73 Season
‘Satchmo’ No. of reports 13. Years grown 2. Average height 30”. NRS rating 9.5. Lower Hutt: A mass of deep red blooms. Healthy, flowers continuously. Waipawa: Doesn’t need me to blow his trumpet. Christchurch: Quite pleasant but rather odd head formation – burns.
Book  (1973)  Page(s) 187.  
International Awards, 1972.
Belfast. Certificate. 'Satchmo'.
Website/Catalog  (1972)  Page(s) 16.  
Novelty Floribunda Roses of 1970. Exclusive McGredy Release. 'Satchmo' (McGredy, 1970). Our McGredy "lead" rose for 1970. Colouring is brightest non-fading orange red. The bloom really sparkles and is borne freely in large clusters. Named in honour of the famous jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong.
Book  (1972)  
p70 Sam McGredy: ‘Satchmo’ which is quite a nice rose with marvellous colour does not come back quickly into flower and therefore has no potential whatever as a parks rose.

p162 Isobel Coulston. Review of the Newer Roses 1971-72.
‘Satchmo’. No. of reports 11. Years grown: six months. . Average height 30”. NRS rating 7.9. Lower Hutt: Beautiful deep red. Plenty of bloom, no perfume. Healthy grower, disease free. Gisborne: Now here’s a true and desirable floribunda. Very quick repeat, good trusses. Dunedin: Lovely low growing floribunda.
Book  (1972)  
International Awards, 1970.
p182. The Hague. Gold Medal. 'Satchmo'.

p183. Roeulx. Gold Medal. 'Satchmo'.
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