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'Evenstar' rose Description
'Evenstar' rose photo
Photo courtesy of Simon Voorwinde
Pending registration
HMF Ratings:
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Pink blend Hybrid China.
Registration name: VIRstar
Exhibition name: Evenstar
Bred by M.S. Viraraghavan (India, 2010).
China / Bengale.  
Rose-pink.  None to mild fragrance.  Average diameter 3.5".  Medium, single (4-8 petals), borne mostly solitary, in small clusters bloom form.  
Tall, armed with thorns / prickles, bushy, dense.  Medium, semi-glossy, medium green foliage.  
Height of 4' 7" to 8' 1" (140 to 245 cm).  Width of up to 8' (up to 245 cm).
Can be used for garden, hedge, landscape, shrub or specimen.  
Breeder's notes:
From seed germinated by Simon Voorwinde sent by Girija and Viru Viraraghavan, Kodaikanal India, in 2010 from their plant of Ten Thousand Camellias Red China Rose. Slow to build. Fertile. Sets hips. Hips ripen yellow. New growth plum-red. Typical China habit and foliage. Probably diploid.
This is a very special rose to me as it is from seed sent to me by Viru and Girija Viraraghavan from their plant of "10000 Camellias Red China Rose" (as seen in Quest for the Rose). This rose will be called 'Evenstar' which superficially describes the five petals as the shape of a star. The name Evenstar, however, is an old astronomical term for Venus which has since evolved into the term Evening Star. The references to Venus don't stop there, however, and in these lie the true meanings behind the name for this rose. The position of Venus in the sky, from Earth, changes over time as it passes through an 8 year cycle. If you were to plot this path it would make a mandala pattern with a five pointed rose at its centre which is referred to as the 'Rose of Venus' and since Roman times (and before) Venus has always represented beauty, femininity, and love. So, it seems fitting that a rose of such ancient heritage should be given a name that reflects her vintage and attributes, and the sentiment of roses so well. - Simon Voorwinde
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