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'Constanze Mozart' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 98-913
most recent 2 MAY 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 1 MAY 17 by Lavenderlace
For those wanting to attract bees, this one always has some in the blooms! We don't notice them in the other varieties so I think that they particularly like FC.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 2 MAY 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thank you for the varieties that attract bees !! Basyes Blueberry also attracts bees with its intense wild-rose-perfume-scent. I have never been bitten by bees in my 40+ years of gardening, but I got bitten by yellow-jacket wasp .. very painful for days.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 2 MAY 17 by Lavenderlace
Oh yes, yellow jacket bites are awful!
Discussion id : 95-584
most recent 29 APR 17 SHOW ALL
Initial post 26 OCT 16 by Lavenderlace
This plant can really take a lot of shade! Due to the shade patterns changing this fall, I have some that are practically in complete shade and thought that I would have to move them. They are still bravely trying to bloom though and the foliage looks excellent here in Z8.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 28 APR 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thank you, Lavenderlace, for info. about shade for First Crush. I find that the light color pink & many petals rose take partial shade well. Same with many petals dark-red or peach/orange colors.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 28 APR 17 by Lavenderlace
That's super interesting info to know, thank you! My north sides are my most challenging as they get way too much shade but the sun that they get in the summer is brutal.

First Crush is once again blooming almost as well in the shade as full sun.

In addition to sandy soil, I also planted some in some challenging areas where the clay was white and sticky as well as red clay. FC is blooming in both and came through winter well. We had normal rain for our area but probably way less than a lot of folks so the clay might have been more or a problem had we not had so many dry periods.

She has a strong fragrance but it's not my favorite unfortunately. Now to test her with the heat!
Reply #3 of 4 posted 29 APR 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thank you for the info. about fragrance. One hot August I saw Kordes Cream Veranda in a pot at Home depot. It had perfect foliage, plus large cluster of blooms, only $5. One sniff was enough for me NOT to buy that bargain. It was fragrant, but I'm not thrilled about the scent. The blooms were pretty with lots of petals, like an Austin rose.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 29 APR 17 by Lavenderlace
You are right about some of them looking like beautiful Austins, especially Earth Angel. Very pretty with a scent similar to First Crush to my nose.
Discussion id : 96-554
most recent 24 DEC 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 24 DEC 16 by Badger Rose
The Newflora site (American distributor of Kordes roses) has a lot of detailed descriptions. A customer painted a great portrait of the rose there, too. As for my own experience, my nose can smell the champagne, fresh rain, and apricot scent they describe. It is one of my best-scented roses. I do suspect I am nose blind to some rose scents but luckily not this one. It's about 2'x2' and has charmingly disheveled petals on its blush pink blooms. I feel it doesn't have huge flushes. However, it blooms rather consistently throughout the whole season. It's in a congested spot with lots of nearby plants and so did get blackspot moderately badly. Hopefully as it gets more established (and I learn more and get less lazy) we'll do better on that front! Great cut flower.
Discussion id : 92-391
most recent 24 DEC 16 SHOW ALL
Initial post 25 APR 16 by BarbaraG SE Virginia
Hope someone out there has grown First Crush for a year or two and can tell me about the bush. If it is very upright as the dimensions suggest I might need to plant a group of 3 in my antique garden. The baby in the photo appears to have quite a spreading habit.
I'm in zone 8A, coastal Virginia, and roses here often grow to double the size on the Kordes website!
A friend bought this at Lowe's and the fragrance is wonderful, and the blooms open to an informal "fluffy" bloom which is quite unique.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 24 DEC 16 by Badger Rose
Perhaps you have already discovered the answer, but I find the growth more bushy than upright and that seems to be what the Newflora site describes as well.
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