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'Wanaka ®' rose References
Book  (1989)  
p41. Wanaka, originally called Pembroke, is situated on the shores of Lake Wanaka. Tourism has increased with the opening of the Haast Pass Road.

p106. Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses for 1989-90 Season
'Fresh Pink' MACpinderal.... The blooms are of similar appearance to Wanaka, but of a brilliant pink shade
Book  (1988)  Page(s) 44.  Includes photo(s).
Wanaka McGredy 1978. ‘Anytime’ x ‘Trumpeter’. Dazzling orange-red blooms that can resemble small begonias. Clusters of brilliant flowers cover the sturdy compact bush. The colour does not fade and the blooms last well Good in the garden, in a container or as a standard.

p85 Photo.
Book  (1987)  
p22. Allison Scott. Not Love at First Sight.
Wanaka, dazzling orange/red, prolific bush, lovely in the stem classes.

p114. Don Sheppard. Final Analysis 1986-87
Wanaka McGredy 1978. Vivid red; 20 petals, 35 reports, 103 bushes; 1-5 years; 45cm; 8.0 rating. This Mini., with the dazzling flame-red, non fading blooms, has consistently received around the 8.0 mark since our first report in 1982. The only exceptions were two reporters who had sickly plants. The compact, tidy bush produces masses of flowers and the repeat is good. Several reporters mention that the petals have unusual shape and form five distinct sections to the bloom. it is not a show bench candidate, but a good, honest garden rose. It makes a good Mini standard and its health is usually excellent. A worthwhile mini for any garden. A great favourite in Southland.
Book  (1986)  Page(s) 85.  
Wanaka or 'Longleat' as it is known in England, would be my best mini to-date. It has inherited the clear, clear colouring of 'Trumpeter' and retains a true short habit all season.
Book  (1986)  Page(s) 129.  
Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses in 1985-86 Season.
Wanaka McGredy 1978. ('Anytime' x 'Trumpeter'); orange-red; 20 petals; 10 reports; 13 bushes; 1-3 years; 50 cm; 8.0 rating. The bright orange-red blooms are of unusual form, in five distinct sections. Colour is non-fading and the blooms last very well. Repeat is good. One or two feel the blooms are too large and it is not show bench material. Dunedin says that it makes a very good standard. Most are very happy with this cultivar, because of colour, non-fading and weather resistance.
Book  (1985)  Page(s) 119.  Includes photo(s).
Wanaka MACinca. McGredy 1978. 'Anytime' x 'Trumpeter'. Very brilliant orange red flowers with unusual petal formation make this variety a real attraction in the garden. The plant is often likened to a geranium. Moderately compact, it has many flowers open at one time.
Book  (1985)  Includes photo(s).
p48. Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses for 1984-85 Season. Miniatures.
Wanaka. McGredy 1978 ('Anytirne' X 'Trumpeter') ,40 petals, red, 7 reports, 9 bushes, 2-4 years, 30 cms. 7.7 rating. All reports acclaim the colour to be very eyecatching, a vivid orange red. All agree it to bloom and repeat very well too. Tirnaru comment that the petal shape is unusual, the bush's health is good in all districts, but mites do like it when the weather is hot and dry. Auckland would like more growth and Palmerston North has a smaller plant than she would like. It would appear to be a worthwhile miniature.

p58. Nola Simpson. Rose Selection 1985.
Wanaka (Macinca). Min. A very showy bright scarlet red miniature, which literally covers itself in bloom. Sturdy compact bushes with light green disease resistant foliage.

p139. Photo. Wanaka (Miniature. Macinca.
Book  (1984)  
p42. Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses in 1983-84 Season.
'Wanaka' McGredy 1978 ('Anytime' x 'Trumpeter') - Flame red. 4 reports, 7 bushes , 3 years, Average height 3Ocm, N.R.S. rating 8.5. Dazzling flame red blooms that can resemble a begonia in shape often completely cover the sturdy compact bush. The colour does not fade, and the blooms last well. It is completely healthy. It makes a very good pot plant. Recommended.

p106. Nola Murray. Roses on Stilts.
Wanaka One of Sam's. Scarlet-red. Hot as Indian curry.
Book  (1983)  Page(s) 40.  
Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses 1982-83 Season.
Wanaka McGredy 1978 ('Anytime' X 'Trumpeter') Red. 2 reports. 3 years, Average height 14" N.R.S. Rating 7.0. Central Hawkes Bay say the bloom is unusual, like a Begonia, of good colour on a compact bush and Marlborough say the colour is a vivid flame red. The neat bush is healthy.
Book  (1982)  Page(s) 27.  
Don Sheppard. Review of Newer Roses 1981-82 Season.
Wanaka. (McGredy '78 - 'Anytime' x 'Trumpeter') Red. 2,1,12", 7.0 rating. Again only Marlborough reporting to say good neat healthy bush giving vivid flame-red blooms.
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