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Laneii  rose photo courtesy of member Cass
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Initial post 5 JUN 11 by AnitaSacramento
I've looked at Laneii in several other gardens and believe that the one grown in Sacramento Historic Rose Garden is the same, with silvery reverse, round buds with very apple green, sticky, soft moss, and an upright habit with single blooms at the top of each blooming stem. Sacramento's plant was very short in 2009 because somebody pruned it almost to the ground during the winter. We were concerned that it would not bloom, but in fact this rose responds well to pruning, and blooms best when reduced to two feet or less. Unpruned, it will grow to 4 ft, and will reach 6 ft or so if given support.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 6 JUN 11 by Patricia Routley
Apple green moss! Those are valuable words Anita. I will respond more under 'Henri Martin'.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 6 JUN 11 by AnitaSacramento
I looked again at our rose today and see that some stems have clusters of three flowers, and some are single. I described the rose from memory which is not always trustworthy. This photo does show green moss, thank goodness my memory is right in that detail.
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