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Teasing Georgia  rose photo courtesy of member roseromantic
One or more site guests believe this photo is incorrectly labeled or inaccurate !
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Initial post 15 NOV 11 by Horst Peters
Show your pictures are not ┬┤The Pilgrim┬┤?
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Reply #1 of 1 posted 4 FEB 21 by MiGreenThumb
I am inclined to agree with you; the closer and longer I look, the more I believe this to not be Teasing Georgia. Especially since these are the only photos showing this bright yellow versus the darker apricot yellow the variety is known for. Roses are mutable, but the more carefully I look, the less I believe this could be Teasing Georgia.

Happy gardening!
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Initial post 16 NOV 11 by roseromantic
Look carefully. This is not a mistake.
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