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A Wessex Garden  garden photo courtesy of member Jon_in_Wessex
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Initial post 31 JAN 12 by CarolynB
What a gorgeous color combination!
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Initial post 27 JAN 12 by Tessie
Great color combination, I like it! What are the nodding pink flowers? How do you decide what to put together? Your garden looks so beautifully done. I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the roses I have to plant and would like to learn from those whose gardens are so pleasing.

Reply #1 of 1 posted 27 JAN 12 by Jon_in_Wessex
Thank you! The pinks are Columbines - the good old vulgar Granny's Bonnets. The blue are polemoniums. Both self-seeded, so no great planning genius required! So - if I have a Rule - it is restrict your palette to what complements the dominant plant in your garden (in your case and mine Old Fashioned and Species roses) then let Nature do the planning for you. Then it is just a matter of removing those that don't please in their placement. Repeat for 35 years :)

You have a wonderful and interesting range of roses - I'm especially jealous of your collection of Species!

Best wishes - don't be overwhelmed, be grateful for the opportunity to grow so many wonderful plants!

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