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Tonner's Fancy  rose photo courtesy of member Smtysm
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Initial post 18 DEC 13 by Patricia Routley
Great photo hmfusr. Does anybody know if the provenance of the Werribee State Rose Garden plant is the one originally found at Glenara, or the one found at Thelangerin Station, Tennis Court.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 19 DEC 13 by Smtysm
Thank you Patricia. I have phoned Wal Johnson. He wasn't aware that there were more than one rose in contention for the name. He's going to check the Werribee computer for the record of whence the rose was bought. That might provide a new branch to explore. This could take a little while because of Christmas impending. He also suggested asking Paul Nieuwesteeg. I/we can try him in business hours, time permitting.
There's a slight possibility that Wal thinks is remote [because this rose belongs to a group of later acquisitions], that the rose came from Philip Sutherland's erstwhile Goldenvale nursery in Benalla, which supplied many of the earlier-purchased Werribee roses.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 19 DEC 13 by Patricia Routley
In the 2002 reference Coleen Houston and Brenda Weir collected the “Thelangerin Tennis Court rose” in July, 1992.

There is a note on the main page for ‘Tonner’s Fancy’.
As far as I understand it, the foundling plant from Glenara is smaller leaved and looks messy.
The foundling plant from Thelangerin is larger leaved and looks neat.
Not much to go on, I am afraid, when you only have one.

John Nieuwesteeg’s original one came from Glenara (see 1990 reference and 1997-214)
But in 2003 he said that the “correct ‘Tonner’s Fancy’ “ came from Thelangerin and I believe this version is the one he sold after that date.

Golden Vale were advertising it in 1998, so I would also guess their stock came from Glenara

All this guesswork…. but it points out the importance of knowing the provenance of roses.
If you talk to Wal again, tell him I think he is wonderful and he (and you) are not to worry about all this until well after Christmas.
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