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Prince Jardinier  rose photo courtesy of member Jay-Jay
One or more site guests believe this photo is incorrectly labeled or inaccurate !
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Initial post 1 AUG 15 by David Elliott
I have received the following comments from Matthias Meilland: "I found out that some of the pictures in HMF are not Meitroni". He identified that these were your photographs. Matthias is the next Meilland in the company and a very active member of it.

Please check these photographs for the identification as they should, be removed.
This sort of Error is not uncommon in my experience photographing roses. It can occur due to missing, moved or mislabelling all of which are outside the photographers control. Personally I have taken to only photographing labeled roses and photographing the label first followed by the rose photographs. This avoids any possible confusion within the photographers written notes.
When I have been notified of identification errors my practice is "if in doubt take it off"

Your contributions from the Netherlands are much appreciated, thank you.
David Elliott (one of the HMF Administration team)
Reply #1 of 6 posted 1 AUG 15 by Jay-Jay
One might have looked at the date, the photo is taken... Mid-winter.
That's why it is that pink and that's why I posted this picture!!! I was surprised too by it's colour at that moment.
It is the very same rose-plant as on this photo:
Hence it is the real-one!!!
That means, that I will not remove them, for they are meant as "study material".
Prince Jardinier behaves like this in a year, when there are still roses/buds in February on the plant.
Reply #2 of 6 posted 1 AUG 15 by Jay-Jay
PS: All my roses are labelled and this particular-one (one of my very favourites) never has been out of my sight or out of my garden.
When I photograph my roses, I act the same like You: At first the label and then the plant/flowers.
I always upload them on my computer just seconds after I took them.

I'm used to grafting many fruit-races... Even the slightest doubt => no graft.
Reply #3 of 6 posted 1 AUG 15 by David Elliott
Thanks for the very prompt response. Could you either add a comment to these photos or let me what should be added to which photos and I will ensure that it is done. The date that appears with the photos is the add on date rather that the date of photo date. I appreciate that you take you photos and immediately add them but I have not normally bee able to do this as obtain I am to other side of the world from my computer.

Thanks again for you helpful comments

Reply #4 of 6 posted 1 AUG 15 by Jay-Jay
You're welcome Mr. Elliott and I appreciate Your kind words.
All the dates at my photo's are the dates I took those.
I understand, that Mr. Meilland got wrong-footed.... and I understand, that they want the right photo's at the right rose.
I also uploaded some photo's of foliage, that was variegated and contacted Mr. Mouchotte from Meilland about that. As for him, I was free to propagate, but the responsible person for the Rosarium of Winschoten, refused to give permission, but told me that I could snatch some budwood, as long as he wouldn't know.
I refused to do so. Fairplay!
And yes, I'll complete my comment on these photo's.
Best Regards to the other side of the world.
Reply #5 of 6 posted 1 AUG 15 by Jay-Jay
Reply #6 of 6 posted 1 AUG 15 by David Elliott
Thanks for a great exchange.
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