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Grey Pearl  rose photo courtesy of member roselover
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Initial post 26 MAY 14 by Kim Rupert
Beautiful Joan! Good luck on keeping it alive!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 27 MAY 14 by roselover
Hi Kim,
Glad you like my photo of Grey is my only bloom and it was last year as the bud was on the plant when it arrived from Rogue River. I had been on their list for the rose for 3 years and when it was sent, it was the wrong rose!!! Fortunately, the owner found one and sent it with a bud that bloomed soon after. I know the plant is difficult and right now it is very small but looks healthy.
Do you have the rose? I know you have many roses as many of your photos are roses that I love as well. Any hints on how to keep this rose thriving? I have heard that it likes a lot of fertilizer and I am trying to do that.
All the best.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 27 MAY 14 by Kim Rupert
Hi Joan, yes ma'am, I grow Grey Pearl. Mine is a budded "one cane wonder". Grey Pearl definitely wants "high culture", the best of everything you can give it. You do want to prevent it from flowering to build the strength and vigor. If you want to enjoy the flowers and build a plant, you need two, budded bushes. One you can allow to flower, but not to the point of it dying on you. The other you prevent from flowering for the entire rose year to force it to grow and produce foliage. Don't prune them hard! They need all the wood and leaves they can produce. Good luck growing it own root. It honestly needs the added vigor of a root stock to maintain it. Thank you. Kim
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