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Aviateur Blériot  rose photo courtesy of member alba
One or more site guests believe this photo is incorrectly labeled or inaccurate !
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May 2014, Lower Saxony, Germany
Source: Christoph Kruchem / Hortensis, Waake, Germany

Apparently there are two types of roses available as 'Aviateur Blériot'. This one is a vivid growing rambler (5-6 m), has semi double, yellow blooms fading to a creamy white and sharp thorns (seen i.e. on ). The other one's foliage is glossy and dark green, the double blooms are of apricot colour (maybe there is more than one variant of the apricot type; seen in France quite often, i.e at
Since I can't add comments at the moment, I'll post my comment to the related discussion here:

Thanks to you both for your contributions. I'm going to breed this one, so the identity question rises again.

The appearance of my yellow type and the apricot type is coequal on the internet (book research was fruitless). Thinking of a mislabelling, mine has some similarities to 'Aglaia' (Schmitt 1896), but there are a number of variants around, so this is uncertain as well. I don't feel able decide who's right and who's not.

References on the 'orange Aviateur':

References on the 'yellow Aviateur':

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