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Tipsy Imperial Concubine  rose photo courtesy of member Margaret Furness
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Initial post 28 JUL by Robert Neil Rippetoe

You're a Mother!

Be careful! The do tend to take over!

Nice work, Robert
Reply #1 of 2 posted 28 JUL by Margaret Furness
Space is the problem... I thought it worth adding the photo to show that the Tipsy one is seed-fertile, because it doesn't have any recorded offspring.
I have a hip on Cl White Maman Cochet (pollinated with a foundling China, which was all I had in flower), which I go and look at every day to see if it will be ripe enough to plant out in mid-August. I haven't got to the stage of talking to it yet.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 29 JUL by Robert Neil Rippetoe
Space is often the problem. They become a bit like children that never leave home.

You'll have fun regardless.

I've found MOST roses are fertile if one takes the time to work with them. Some are relentlessly fertile. Others have to be coaxed.
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