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Verschuren  rose photo courtesy of Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
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Initial post 4 MAY 09 by Jeffrey
Great shot, Beth! How does this plant grow for you? Healthy? Sunburn?

I have 'Verscuren' in my collection, but the best news is I have some open pollinated seedlings from my plant. Most show the green and white variegation. I'm looking forward to first blooms this season. Ideally, I'd like to see a semi-double, fragrant, deeper pink flower...
Reply #1 of 5 posted 4 MAY 09 by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
Hi Jeffrey,
My plant is probably around 10yrs old, and came from Sequoia Nursery as a tiny own root. It's taken yrs to get decent size, and has averaged about 3ft high the last few yrs. This yr tho, it sprang up to 4ft and has been blooming like crazy. The variegation is a lot more pronounced now too. I'm really enjoying it. It doesn't sunburn or get too much disease. Right now, we're in the middle of an unusual (cold) spring rainstorm. It's ruining everything!
Well, good luck with your seedlings. They sound interesting. I actually planted a few seeds from my VERSCHUREN two seasons ago, but none came up.
Reply #2 of 5 posted 4 MAY 09 by Jeffrey
Did you stratify your seeds? Rose seeds need at least 40 days and nights of temperatures below 40º and above 32º... Higher temp doesn't break seed dormancy and colder can kill the embryos. I put my seeds in LABELED zip-locs with damp vermiculite, throw them in the fridge, then in about a month and a half, start looking for germination (roses don't read the journals, so some sprout earlier, some later). I then plant them in community flats. I've had blooms in as little as six weeks from germination... Those are the repeat bloomers... Some flats had seeds germinating as long as 9 months after sowing... 12 months even...
Reply #3 of 5 posted 4 MAY 09 by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
I had never done that before, and just for fun collected some op seeds and planted them in those mini greenhouse seed starter things with 72 cells. I put them in our enclosed breezeway in the winter, which gets really cold... (not sure how cold tho) A few weeks later dozens of little plants emerged. I had about 36+ that I put outside once it got warm, but many of them didn't make it. Then this last fall, 4 more seedlings popped up outside in the cells that I just left out there. Right now I have probably 20 seedlings that actually made it. Only one actually bloomed last season. It's kind of fun, but at this stage I don't have time to attempt any more. I am anxious to see what these that survived will look like. Most are from LAVANDE, SHOWTIME, ELSIE MELTON and BROADWAY. I did get one from GUY SAVOY to make it, and can't wait to see what it will look like! Hopefully it will be a stripey like its mom.
I don't see how everybody gets the seedlings to bloom in the first season. Mine are still so tiny and spindly. I guess I should give them some light fertilizer?
Reply #4 of 5 posted 4 MAY 09 by Jeffrey
Repeat bloomers will usually bloom the first season. Once-bloomers, not until the next or even later. I have some seedlings of 'Compassion' that were sowed last November and have buds now. First blooms should open next week, if the weather is warm.

I fertilize my seedlings with half strength Miracid or MiracleGrow or MiracleGrow for roses. They take off quickly. I generally have to repot some of the seedlings by 12 weeks. The smaller ones stay in the community trays until they also get bigger. The blooms don't really have the final form and color until the next season...

There's something I read about stripes being passed on more often by the seed parent than the pollen parent... I used Climbing 4th of July in my first batches, and almost ALL the seedlings were striped... I have recently returned to California (San Francisco) and the first thing I did was plant C4J... I want to use it to cross with some antique roses I have collected... I LOVE stripes, the subtle mixes...

I can send you some pix of my roses, seed flats and such, if you'd like. Do I add my e-mail address on the section below here? I don't want to do a public mailing.
Reply #5 of 5 posted 4 MAY 09 by HMF Admin
Use HMF's private message facility for this.
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