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Reply #1 of 1 posted 12 OCT 16 by Nippstress
Hi Strawberry Hill:
My experience with Versigny mirrors yours, in that I had mine in my zone 6 pocket of my yard and it lasted about 3 or 4 years before dying one winter. I think this one is only marginally hardy in zone 5 and needs heavy winter protection to do well. It's gorgeous though.
So far, Antico Amore has survived with more cane over the winter in the same zone 6 pocket, so I'd rate its hardiness a bit better. It didn't overwinter in part sun in an average spot in the yard, so it's not entirely robust in zone 5. Etrusca is the smallest of the bunch and also in the zone 6 pocket, and I think I'm pushing its limits. Bela di Todi I only tried once and it didn't overwinter, but I have planted it again and can keep you posted.
Bottom line is that Antico Amore is probably the strongest of the bunch you list, but all are in need of some winter protection to do well in our zones.
Reply #2 of 1 posted 12 OCT 16 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Thank you Cynthia, for the info., much appreciated. Versigny has the best fruity scent ever, Crown Princess Mag. has a slightly less scent, but is vigorous after 5 winters. This year I'll play it safe and order more Austin roses, I'm debating whether to get Young Lycidas as own-root or grafted from Austin Catalog. Its leaves are wrinkled (similar to Sharifa Asma) ... and Sharifa is very tiny as own-root !!

Sonia Rykiel died last winter, after 5 years .. but that was my fault of emptying my rain barrel right before freezing. University of Vermont stated that plants survive winter better on the dry side. This past Dec. we had tons of rain, then freezing temp which killed trees and knock-outs in my zone 5a. I'll order Sonia Rykiel again, but will dig deep at 2.5 feet for drainage. Firefighter as own-root is another iffy .. that survived 5 winters, but died in a dry-spring (I didn't winter-protect). Two Double-Delight died as own-roots, same with Pink Peace (own-root) .. so I bought Grafted-on-Dr.Huey, and they survived winter easily.

I appreciate any info.. on Young Lycidas as own-root or grafted for zone 5a ?? Barcelona survived winter easily (thanks to your recommendation). Are there fragrant roses that you would recommend for zone 5a as own-roots? Thanks.
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