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  Listing last updated on 24 Jun 2024.
New South Wales
North-eastern NSW. Sub-tropical climate. Nominal Zone 10. 1600mm (63") average annual rainfall.

Soil is clay-based, of volcanic origin, and quite acidic in its natural state (circa 6.0). Soil is heavily amended where roses are planted, using some imported sandy garden soil (which includes composted poultry manure), along with large amounts of horse manure from local stables. It also gets some wood ash for extra potassium and a bit less acidity.

Have not tested the resulting pH yet, which is something I must get around to doing.

Blackspot is the only rose disease of note locally. Mildew and rust are non-existent, at least so far.

I'm really not into constantly fussing over shrubs. I'll give them good soil and water, but expect them to mostly fend for themselves. Roses are shrubs, which means they are going to have to be naturally healthy in my climate if they want to survive. If they get sprayed with anything at all ("organic" or not) it will only happen rarely.
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