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Anne Rae Boys (Belovich) Private Gardens
'Anne Rae Boys (Belovich) Private Gardens'  photo
Photo courtesy of Teddie Phillipson-Mower
  Listing last updated on 25 Jun 2024.
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Stanwood, Washington 98292
United States
USDA Zone: 8a (10 to 15 F / -12.2 to -9.5 C)
Anne's Gardens is located in rural Stanwood, Washington, USDA zone 8a. It consists of a treasure trove of heritage roses, many imported between 2001 and 2014 by Anne.

Anne, "the Grand Dame of Roses," was known for her love of rambler and climbing roses as well as her generosity. In keeping with her work, we will open the gardens by appointment once it is safe to do so. The restoration work is focused on Anne's roses and design in 2016, at the time just prior to her last imports being released from quarantine and before she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Most of the roses are doing well and with a little TLC will thrive. We are asking those who were the recipients of Anne's generosity to help us replace the few plants that haven't fared well with cuttings from plants she shared. As we reach that step of the work, we will reach out with specific needs.

We will also include a few of Leonard Heller's favorite roses, and wonderful stories, Leonard was a good friend and neighbor to Anne and they shared their roses with each other. He is a spinosissima rose expert (see information about his garden, Rosarium scoticum, on this website).

If you received cuttings from Anne of Lord Penzance and Lady Penzance, we need to replace both of these roses in the Lavender and Penzance Garden.  We would really appreciate a cutting of each.  Thank you.

These are the roses that we have but I can't find in Help Me Find.  Perhaps I have them mispelled or under another name?  Your help with this is appreciated:

Mme Sancy de Parabere, A. Bonnet & Fils, 1874, France.  I believe this one is on its last leg.  If you received a cutting from Anne and can give us a cutting to start, we would appreciate it.

Mme Alfred Carriere, Schwarz, France, 1875

Mrs. F. W. Flight, Cutbush and Sons, 1905, United Kingdom

Mme. Solvay, Eve, France, 1992

Vlatava, Bohm, 1936, Czechslovakia (former)

Robin Redbreast

Mme Auguste Nonin, Nonin and Fils, 1914

Entries to date only include the Outer Circle; the Front, East, West, North, and Central fences; behind Apt. 1; the Lavender and Penzance Garden; Birch Memorial Garden; Pergola 1; Fertilizer Shed; and New Row

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