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Roseann's Garden

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Member rose garden   Listing last updated on 08 Jul 2020.
Woodland, California
United States
Roseann grows about 250 roses in her 2 acre garden. She grows vegetables as well and has a menagerie of pigs, geese, ducks, pigeons, chickens, and goats (who, by the way, are very fond of roses, too). At any rate, Roseann is looking for Fragrant Roses, so if you have any you'd like to recommend, please drop her a line.
April 2002 Update: I've managed to put in a pond now, just couldn't go any longer without the sound of water! Also have put in 3 arches with gates. I'm having a little trouble keeping the geese and ducks from invading my pond, but have managed to put in a white picket fence in defense!!! One more good reason for planting roses on a picket fence, I'll use any excuse.

My 'Yellow Banks Rose' is in full bloom right now... .It's looks like she's raining baby yellow Roses. I have her on an old house that's extremely tall so she falls over the walkway as you walk under... It's absolutely gorgeous!

The Climber 'Eden' is over one of my Arches and is ready to burst. She's so romantic looking. I have two purple clematises amongst her and they compliment her colors just wonderfully.

February 2000 Update: Roseann's added some more roses! The weather in California has been pretty rainy -- not great planting weather!

Not everything is in bloom right now... It's just beginning here in the Sacramento Valley area. We've been having weather in the mid 80's these last 2 weeks. Roses are peeking out here and there... Just teasing me with their beauty. It won't be long before we are in full bloom...

November 1999 Update: The baby ducks have hatched and I'm very busy with fall chores. The weather is beautiful and almost springlike. Almost all my roses bloomed again and now some are giving me the most beautiful display of red Rose hips. I've planted some new climbers around the corral, but the geese are doing a great pruning job on the roses closest to the ground. [You'll find Roseann's new roses included in the list below.] I have a new steer who is a Black Angus cross and when he's standing next to 'Dublin Bay' looks like he has a blanket of red roses around him.
April 1999 Update: Roseann's added a bunch of new roses. She also says that one of the six ducks that escaped from the corral has about 8 eggs clustered behind her 'Lady Banks Rose'!
March 1999 Update in Roseann's Garden. New for 1999 are some Standard Tree Roses. Here's what's happening:
It rains here off and on and since we have clay soil, it's making it difficult to plant. Doves and Robins are searching through the newly turned soil getting all the bugs... I also have 6 ducks who have managed to find an escape route through the corral and have been helping me tremendously with the snails and such. Only my irises are blooming along with the apricot and plum trees... a few daffodils are popping out... Lots to do! Time to dig in the dirt!

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