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My rose garden is still pretty much in development, but growing steadily. I started growing roses in 2001, when I planted some (mislabeled) bagged supermarket roses in the front yard. They did well the first year, but the second year (2002) it was blackspot heaven. In spring of 2002 we also built a big semicircle pergola as a support for climbing roses. These roses also did well in their first year. Most of them did climb to the top of the pergola.

In 2003 I ordered roses from Kordes, a german breeder who focuses on disease resistance. I found that most of the Kordes roses do really great here without any spray. I must say that one way or another I find Austin roses to have more charm than the Kordes ones. Maybe it is because most Kordes roses are not fragrant? In 2004 I ordered from Lens Roses. During the later years of his life, Louis Lens specialized in hybrid musk shrub roses. They are quite lovely. I especially like Bouquet Parfait.

In 2003 and 2004 I used wettable sulphur as a fungicide to combat blackspot. In 2003 I had almost no blackspot, but the summer was also hot and dry. 2004 was a humid summer and I had quite a lot of BS, even with the sulphur spray. In 2005 I started spraying with Baycor+seaweed+spread/sticker. This really worked to keep BS under control. I sprayed only the varieties that needed it. I plan on gradually replacing those varieties with more resistant ones. I don't mind spraying fungicides instead of sulphur, but I prefer to not spray roses at all: not because of environmental or health concerns, but just because it's easier that way!

2006: This year I started with ordering interesting varieties for my hybridizing activities. I ordered from a Dutch nursery called Belle Epoque. Oh, and also from de Zeeuwse Rozentuin, another Dutch nursery, See Journal for more info.
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