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The Rose Amateur's Guide, 1837
(1837)  Page(s) 43.  
[In the section on Ayrshire Roses]
Jessica, which I now find to be the same as the "Rose Angle" rose, is a pretty, delicate pink variety, distinct and good.
(1837)  Page(s) 56.  
Perpetual. Antinous is a new rose, evidently between the French Rose and Crimson Perpetual, equalling that fine rose in form and fragrance, and surpassing it in beauty of colouring; but it partakes rather more than it ought to do of the French Rose, as it is not a True Perpetual. However, as it often puts forth its fine crimson purple flowers in September, it will be much esteemed, as we have hitherto been accustomed to roses of more sober hues in that pleasant month.
(1837)  Page(s) 58.  
Perpetual. Louis Philippe [1832], being introduced before Antinous...
(1837)  Page(s) 53.  
Hybrid Climbing Roses.
These are hardy and strong growing roses, the origin of some of them not well ascertained. Among them, Astrolabe is a pretty, bright-coloured, and very double rose; not so vigorous in its growth as some others, but a distinct and good variety.
(1837)  Page(s) 22.  
Hybrid China...Attelaine de Bourbon, the Athelin of some French catalogues, is a hybrid Bourbon rose, scarcely double enough, but exceedingly beautiful. It has finely shaped flowers, and blooms in large and erect clusters; its colour is of that vivid rose so peculiar to the Bourbon roses. As this bears seed freely, it will probably be the parent of numerous fine varieties.
(1837)  Page(s) 74.  
Aurore, an old but fine rose, a hybrid of the yellow China and Rosa odorata, and partaking of both, for its flowers are, when first open, of a delicate straw colour, soon changing to blush.
(1837)  Page(s) 47.  
Sempervirens. Banksiaeflora is more fragrant than the generality of these roses; it seems hybridised in a trifling degree with the old Musk Rose, which has probably imparted a little of its delightful perfume; this has small and very double white flowers.
(1837)  Page(s) cat., p. 10.  
Sempervirens. Banksiaeflora, white, compact, small and double.
(1837)  Page(s) 74.  
Banse is a large and very superb rose, not a new variety, but rare; this is a rose worth careful cultivation.
(1837)  Page(s) 30.  
The Summer Rose Garden.
The White Rose. (Rosa alba.)
Belle Clementine, an old but very pretty variety, a hybrid, departing in a slight degree from the characters of the group, often produces flowers finely mottled; it is a luxuriant grower, and forms a fine standard.
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