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The Gardeners' Chronicle (1841-1968)
...Alberic Barbier, for instance, usually commences to flower at the end of May.
(1925)  Page(s) 46.  
Alberic Barbier is especially suited for several reasons: it has handsome, dark green, glossy foliage; is in favorable situations and Winters, evergreen; it is a robust and "extending" grower, so makes little dead or worn-out wood; and flowers more or...
(24 Jun 1922)  Page(s) 333.  
"Some Early-Flowering Ramblers."
Climbing Roses seem to be extra vigorous this season, in contrast to the dwarf kinds, which, apparently, found the hot, dry summer of last year too exhaustive of their energies, and old plants especially seem much weakened in consequence. The foliage and growth of climbers are strong and healthy, whilst the flower trusses also are extra vigorous. [...]
Albéric Barbier is a general favourite and suitable for a variety of purposes. In a well grown plant the creamy white blossoms almost smother the plant, which has fine glossy foliage. In the bud the flowers are of perfect shape and very pale cinnamon at the base. This excellent Rose makes a charming weeping standard.
(26 Sep 1908)  Page(s) 237.  Includes photo(s).
Alex. Hill Gray (see fig. 101.) - A beautiful yellow Tea variety, with very elegant form and richest shade of colouring.
(8 May 1897)  Page(s) 301.  
Alice Furon, a large globular flower, yellowish-white, correctly described as an improved Gloire Lyonnaise; the beautiful dark green foliage keeps clean and handsome throughout the season.
(10 Jun 1848)  Page(s) 381.  
"A Few Words on Scotch Roses." [by William Paul]
..I shall conclude this notice by offering a list of a few of the most distinct and interesting that have come under my personal observation.
Ambuchelet, flowers rosy lilac
(6 Oct 1888)  Page(s) 379.  
A Plea for Tea and Noisette Roses.
In making a selection of Roses in these days, I would first of all bear in mind that the beginner (and I am not writing for experienced growers) requires Roses that will grow. There are so many vigorous growers now-a-days, of all shades of colour, that a good selection of them will give a grower all that he can desire, even when eliminating some, which, although vigorous, are, from some cause or other, not effective...
Let me advise then the following: Anna Ollivier, a beautifully shaped flower, flesh-coloured, with a deeper tinge at the base...
(7 Dec 1918)  Page(s) 225.  
Annie Crawford (Dr. Campbell Hall). — A fine pale pink Hybrid Perpetual; a stronger, paler Mrs. J. Laing, of upright growth, free, and decidedly good. Does not go wrong in colour as Mrs. J. Laing so often does.
(10 Dec 1859)  Page(s) 994-995.  
Hornsey Gardeners' Mutual Instruction Dec. 7. —The members of this Society assembled at the Infant School Room, Hornsey, to hear a lecture by Mr. Shirley Hibberd, of Stoke Newington, on the " History and Cultivation of the Rose.” The chair was occupied by Robert Richmond, Esq., supported by many of the neighbouring gentry. Mr. Hibberd briefly sketched the history of the Rose from the earliest times to the pence of 1815, when, he said, the first of the great French Rose gardens was laid out by M. Vibert, and the improvement of the Rose as a florist’s flower commenced in earnest. The great majority of show varieties had been raised in France during the past 46 years by MM. Vibert, Laffay, Hardy, Deprez, Prevost, Lacharme, Margottin, Guillot, Granger, and a few others, professional and amateur growers. The lecturer enumerated the best Roses raised by each, and gave a few historical inemoranda of such Roses as Aimée Vibert, Jules Margottin, Géant des Batailles, Great Western, and others, tracing them to their parentage, and indicating also the varieties which had proceeded from them.
(6 May 1854)  Page(s) 282.  
Rose Nurseries, Hertford. Edward P. Francis offers the following roses in 48 size pots, strong, healthy vigorous plants on Manetti stocks, 1s 6d to 2s. each.
TEAS.- Anteros, Gonda, Marechal Bugeaud, Le Pactole, Abricote, Pauline Plantier, Goubault, Silene, Josephine Malton, Marie de Medicis, Madame de St. Joseph, Marie de Beaux, Eugene Desgaches, Mirabile, Princess d'Esterhazy.
HYBRID PERPETUAL.- Baron Prevost, Reine des Fleurs, Augustine Monchelet, Louis Bonaparte, Leon des Combats, Sydonie, Baron Hallez, Madame Laffay, Mrs. Elliott, Géant des Batailles, William Jesse, Duchess of Sutherland.
BOURBON.- Gloire d'Rosomene.
CHINA.- Mrs.Bosanquet.
NOISETTE.- Lamarque, Jaune Desprez, La Biche....
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