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Mattocks Roses 1998/1999 Catalogue
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 33.  Includes photo(s).
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 32.  Includes photo(s).
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 5.  Includes photo(s).
Avon (POUlmulti) Poulsen 1992. Blush pink buds... double white blooms with a hint of pearl...
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 6, 18.  Includes photo(s).
Page 6: [Photo] Oxfordshire (KORfullwind) County Series... Continuously smothered in clusters of medium pink double blooms. Kordes 1996.
Page 18: [Photo]
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 26.  
Baby Masquerade Patio Rose. Tantau 1965... The famous multi-coloured floribunda in miniature, orange yellow blooms changing to pink and crimson as they mature...
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 34.  
Baby Love (SCRivluv) Scrivens 1994. Modern Shrub Rose... a shrubby grower which has achieved a reputation for freedom from disease. The single bright yellow blooms are distinguished by attractive stamens and significant fragrance...
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 32.  Includes photo(s).
Little Rambler (CHEWram) Patio Climber. Warner 1994... small very pale pink (almost white) blooms are very fragrant and produced in large clusters all summer long...
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 28.  Includes photo(s).
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 6.  
Suffolk (KORmixal) County Series. Bright scarlet single flowers with prominent golden stamens in great profusion... Kordes 1988.
(23 Oct 1998)  Page(s) 17.  Includes photo(s).
Toynbee Hall (KORwonder) Floribunda. Kordes 1984... neat double blooms of deep rose-pink...
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