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The Rose Annual (The Royal National Rose Society, 1966-1984, 2005-2007)
(1981)  Page(s) 113.  
[From the article "Italian Rose Breeders" by Stelvio Coggiatti:]
.... Unfortunately, he dealt only briefly with roses but created a highly scented HP which he named after his grandchild 'Alma M. Lami'....
(1979)  Includes photo(s).
p28 Michael O'Dell. Growing Roses For the Flower Markets.
A magnificent bright red is Alpha (Meinastur)....

p153. Photo. Caption: 'Meinastur. syn Alpha This red Hybrid Tea, bred for the cut -flower growers by Alain Meilland, exemplifies the points made by Michael O'Dell in his article on pages 24-28
(1984)  Page(s) 137.  
Jack Harkness. Rose of the Year 1984......
(1981)  Page(s) 115.  
... They were the forerunners of 'Amica' and 'Tiziana' which subsequently won the gold medal at Monza and well deserve an international fame.
(1982)  Page(s) 163.  
Jack Harkness [reviewing Modern Roses 8].
The parentage is wrong for 'Amy Brown'....
(1980)  Page(s) 101.  
Aimable Rouge' and 'Assemblage des Beautes'. Beyond a certain point even experts prove to be fallible. A double whitish pink Gallica which I sent to the Rosarium in Dortmund was identified by them as 'Anais Segales'. It later turned out to be 'Belle Isis'.
(2016)  Page(s) 32.  
There are many who cannot afford, but have an immense love. This reminds one of Anand Rao - by profession a clerk of Vakil (advocate) - he had poor resources, no land, and not even a terrace. But he used to grow beautiful roses in pots on the terrace of his daughter 7 or 8 miles from his house...
(1976)  Page(s) 199.  
John Mattock Ltd. advertisement.
New for 1976. 'Ann Aberconway'. An apricot bronze floribunda with large fragrant flowers borne freely on a sturdy upright plant plentifully clothed with leathery dark green foliage. We are greatly honoured that Lady Aberconway, wife of the President of the Royal Horticultural Society, should ask for this to be her Rose.
(1974)  Page(s) 141.  
'La Reine' ... blooms early and repeats well, a feature noticeable in its seedlings,'Anna de Diesbach’ (1858) and 'Francois Michelon’ 1891) . Both are in varying shades of pink. Plant-wise too, they show close affinity to ‘La Reine’, but with a deeper cup and a lesser petallage than ‘La Reine' which averages 78, they are less inclined to ball in damp conditions. They have inherited the same damask fragrance which they transmitted to their progeny.
(1981)  Page(s) 60.  
'Anna de Diesbach'..
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