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Poulsen on the Rose (1955 ed.)
(1955)  Page(s) 116.  
'Danish Gold' . Hybrid polyantha. Clear canary-yellow. The blooms, which become slightly paler as they fade, are of an exceptionally shapely form, both as buds and when fully open, when the two rows of petals form a delightful bowl round the pistils and stamens. The plant is prolific, healthy and floriferous, the branches being light-green, with few but serviceable red thorns. Moderately fragrant. Tall.
(1955)  Page(s) 112.  
'Ellen Poulsen'. Dark Red. A darker sport of the well-known 'Ellen Poulsen' and is of similar growth and characteristics. Medium fragrance. Dwarf.
(1955)  Page(s) 126.  
'Easlea’s Golden Rambler' Wichuraiana hybrid. Pure, yellow large flowered, a very beautiful and prolific sort.
(1955)  Page(s) 101.  
‘Edith Nellie Perkins’ Light salmon-pink with closely packed pointed blooms and buds. Healthy, prolific and extremely hardy. Moderately fragrant, Moderate height.
(1955)  Page(s) 113.  
'Ellen Poulsen'. Light cherry-pink. The shapely double blooms are gathered in large clusters. The leaves are a fresh, glossy green. It quickly starts a second display, and is vigorous and healthy. Medium fragrance. Dwarf
p90. 'Else Poulsen' is not a true single, it is true....

p113. 'Else Poulsen'. Hybrid polyantha, of a clear, unblemished pink which is, however, somewhat darker in the bud stage. The semi-double shapely flowers are set in large flattish umbels, and last extremely well. It is thus an excellent rose for decoration. The growth is erect and vigorous, but after the first display the plant is often attacked by mildew. Very careful tending is advisable.

p138 ....'Else Poulsen', 'Poulsen's Fairy' as well as 'Betty Prior' which are all tall and prolific.
(1955)  Page(s) 114.  
'Else Poulsen, Improved'. Hybrid polyantha. Dwarf. A seedling of the above ['Else Poulsen'] and is so similar in blooms, colour, shape and growth that it is rightly entitled to bear the name. It is, however, slightly less prolific and the flower clusters are somewhat smaller, but these are the only differences. Should be planted in somewhat closer groupings (mildew-proof).
(1955)  Page(s) 110.  
'Fanal' . Polyantha-hybrid. The large almost completely single blooms are put forth in a continuous profusion of flower all summer through. The colour is bright red and is very durable. A healthy, prolific sort especially suitable for beds and large groupings. Tall
p90 …and has possibly reached its climax in roses like President Hoover, Talisman, Elite, Comtesse Vandal, Spek’s Yellow, Fashion, Irene and many others.

p118 Fashion. Another American hybrid-polyantha novelty. The blooms are a clear coral-pink, a most delightful kind of colour because it seems both chaste and utterly charming. And when to this we add the shapely grace of its buds and blooms it is not difficult to understand why, in so few years, it has become so famous and is so widely distributed.
(1955)  Page(s) 109.  
'Frensham' (Hedge). Polyantha hybrid. The shapely dark red blooms are gathered in large, or somewhat smaller clusters, which flower continuously all summer and till late harvest. The foliage is fresh and healthy and it is possibly the best of recent red roses suitable for hedges, large beddings and in the front row of bush plantings. Very tall.
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