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Roses of the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden (2001)
(Apr 2001)  Page(s) 96.  
Work of Art sport see 'Coloma's Gold'
(Apr 2001)  Page(s) 93.  
Valerie Swane see 'Crystalline'
(Apr 2001)  Page(s) 96.  
Worl import see 'Dometile Becar' [sic] (questioned -- no stripes)
(Apr 2001)  Page(s) 96.  
WINbob see 'Dr. Bob Harvey'
(Apr 2005)  Page(s) 55.  
P-9-34. P-9-15. Mrs. Bosanquet [Mistress Bosanquet]. Ch/B 1832 / 1832, Laffay
[=Mrs. Bosanquet (per Dickerson)?] - see Pauline Bonaparte
O-10-19 Mrs. Bosanquet (received as “Legacy of Samuel Briggs # 2”) [Mistress Bosanquet] Ch B 1832, Laffay.
[=Mrs. Bosanquet?] - see “Dye Plot China/Bourbon
[=Mrs. Bosanquet?] - see “Petaluma Blush”
[=Mrs. Bosanquet?] - see “Powder Puff Tea”
(Apr 2001)  Page(s) 96.  
Worl/Hay clone see 'Elie Beauvillain'
(Apr 2001)  Page(s) 95.  
White Ellen Poulsen see 'Frau Hedwig Koschel'
(Apr 2001)  Page(s) 95.  
White Willow Glen #1 ('Gruss an Aachen'?) Found. San José
(Apr 2001)  Page(s) 93.  
Violacea see 'La Belle Sultane'
(Apr 2001)  Page(s) 93.  
Ville de Bruxelles see 'La Ville de Bruxelles'
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