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Der Rosenfreund 1873 ed.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
Anette Seaut, large, full, fine form, dark orange-yellow, changing to whitish yellow.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
Anthérose, large, very double, yellowish flesh, centre white
(1873)  Page(s) 227.  
Bengal-Roses...Archiduc Charles, very large, full, passing from pink to crimson. An excellent beautiful rose.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
Archimède, very large, full, pink shaded chamois, darker centre, globular; blooms carried free and a faithful bloomer.
(1873)  Page(s) 162.  
Armide, large bloom, full, fine cup form, pink, shaded salmon, thornless; repeats very well. Has proven hardy.
(1873)  Page(s) 219.  
Auguste Vacher, Blooms medium, double, yellow shaded copper-red and golden reflexes, prettily built; very floriferous; vigorous. Excellent for containers.
(1873)  Page(s) 162.  
Aurore, Large blooms, double, light pink, centre coppery, reverse of petals red.
(1873)  Page(s) 162.  
Aurore du matin, Very large blooms, double, dawn-coloured, reverse of petals white.
(1873)  Page(s) 194.  
Splendens, (scandens), flesh-coloured, crimson buds; very floriferous. Due to her vigorous growth excellently suitable for a rapid covering of walls etc., as well as for tall pyramids and pillars.
(1873)  Page(s) 154.  
Moss. baron de Wassenaër, large, double, very regular globular form, beautiful carmine-red; reverse lilac and whitish, blooming largely in clusters of 20 to 30; vigorous, therefore suitable for pillars.
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