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Cazzaniga, Febo Giuseppe
'Cazzaniga, Febo Giuseppe'  photo
Photo courtesy of andrewandsally
Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 20 Jul 2024.
Milan, Lombardia
Febo Giuseppe Cazzaniga (1903 - September 21, 1970), son of Ludovico Cazzaniga - see.
Brother of Giuseppe Luigi Cazzaniga

[From The Rose Annual, 1981, p. 115:] F.G. Cazzaniga, born early in the century, died before he was seventy. His wizened face was marked by deep lines, the signs of toil and sweat, of concern for his nurseries thrice destroyed by bad weather and by war. His early youth was spent working with his father, who was first nurseryman with the firm Ingegnoli Brothers, and then set up on his own. He tirelessly dedicated himself to the hybridization of roses and, finally, in May 1937, his 'Aprilia' won the gold medal for the best Italian variety at the International Rome competition. In the following year, and still in Rome , 'Armonia', 'Gloria d' Autumno' and 'Cingallegra' won Certificates of Merit. They were the forerunners of 'Arnica' and 'Tiziana' which subsequently won the gold medal at Monza and well deserve an international fame.
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