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Cant & Sons, Benjamin R.
'Cant & Sons, Benjamin R.'  photo
Photo courtesy of scvirginia
Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 22 Sep 2023.
The Old Rose Gardens
Mile End
United Kingdom
[From A Rose Odyssey, p. 110-111:] Ben R. Cant nursery, founded in 1765.

[From Botanica's Roses, p. 677:] The breeding work of Cant spans from 1875 to the present day, with B.R. Cant, Frank Cant and currently Cants of Colchester under Roger Pawsey. They have produced over 130 named varieties...

[From Roll Call: The Old Rose Breeder, p. 66:]
Benjamin Reverr Cant
Colchester, England
Lived 1827- July 17, 1900
Nursery run after 1900 by son Cecil E. Cant [Roses introduced as Ben R. Cant are mainly attributable to Cecil E. Cant]

[From "The Rose" Spring 1994:]
Cecil E. Cant (d. 1925) and Edmond Cant, sons of Ben R. Cant

Mrs. Mildred Cant, wife of Cecil E. Cant

Beatty, field manager
(ca. 1936)

Diana Cant, daughter of Cecil and Mildred Cant

Clifford Pawsey, husband of Diana Cant (from 1931)

Martin, Roger and Angela Pawsey, children of Clifford and Diana Pawsey

[From A Rose Odyssey, p. 110-111:] ..Ben R. Cant nursery, founded in 1765 and now managed by Mrs Cecil Cant. Ben R. Cant is, I believe, the oldest rose-hybridizing firm in England...Mrs. Cant has a knack for selecting short names. The hybridizing is done by Mr Beatty, field manager and a keen student of Mendelism.

See also Frank Cant and Cants of Colchester.

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