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Poulsen (1884-1974), Svend
'Poulsen (1884-1974), Svend'  photo
Photo courtesy of scvirginia
Rose author, breeder and discoverer   Listing last updated on 25 Jun 2024.
Svend Poulsen (1884 - 1974), third son of Dorus Theus Poulsen
[From The Ultimate Rose Book, by Stirling Macoboy, p. 223: Svend Poulsen was] the Danish pioneer of Cluster-flowered Roses.

[From Value for Money, by Lt. Col. Ken Grapes, p. 113:] Around 1914, Dines handed over the rose breeding to his younger brother, Svend... [Svend Poulsen's] last rose was introduced in 1958. It was the bright red and yellow 'Rumba'... Svend died in 1974... Svend's son Niels carried on..
[From The Rose Annual, 1964. p 85:] Niels D. Poulsen. Rose Growing in Denmark.
Rose hybridising in Denmark has been practised on a professional scale only by my family. My uncle Dines Poulsen started in 1910 when he came back to Denmark from France and England. My father, Dr. h.c. Svend Poulsen took it over in 1918 and now I am in it up to my neck.

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